Monday, July 29, 2013

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H.O.T.D GMT+1 Dark Couple


Monday, July 22, 2013

[ Time To Beach ]

[ -UtopiaH- @ Perfect Wardrobe and The Boobies Show ]

Heya lovelies!! New round of Perfect Wardrobe with "Barely There" theme, just started!! And as always -UtopiaH- not miss it!! These are the new exclusive items for the round: Bow legging tattoos with four colors included (blue, black, pink and purple) and sexy mesh accessories: My cute Boucle set with headband and tie, are 100% mesh and includes two different types of  spikes (white and gold). Hope u like them and happy round


And finally, The Boobies Show has also started its new round, and you know that -UtopiaH- is part of it :) here you have the exclusive items: Winged nipples piercing, are 100% mesh and you have 3 colors to choose: Black, silver and gold. Hope u like and happy event



[ Ha Ha Bitch.♥ ]

Thursday, July 18, 2013

[ NEWS @ -UtopiaH- ]

Heya guys!! New mesh horns and mesh antlers are out now in -UtopiaH- store: "Horns of a Psycho" are 100% mesh and unisex!! You have 4 colors to choose (coal, smoky, camel and chestnut) and also includes 9 different versions of plate with message. And finally: "My chained antlers" are 100% mesh and you have 4 colors to choose too (black, grey, light grey and brown). You can see all colors in store. Enjoy them!



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Friday, July 12, 2013

[ -UtopiaH- @ SFW ]

Heya everyone!! -UtopiaH- recently released this Demoniac Horns for new round of SL Fashion Week. Horns are 100% mesh and unisex!! you have available 4 colors(all you can see in the event): Black, dark brown, dark grey and light grey (for sale separately). Hope u like them and happy round!!



Tuesday, July 9, 2013

[ -UtopiaH- @ Boys of Summer ]

HiHi!Guys! Again Depraved Nation team has organized another event, this time exclusively for boys, called "The Summer Boys" and as always -UtopiaH- is part of this event. Here you have the new and exclusive items for the fair: piercings, nose earrings, nipples piercing shapes and more... Addition to the exclusive items, you will find also tattoos and face tattoos (no news). Hope u like them and happy event!!


[ Stars Can't Shine Without Darkness ]

[ -UtopiaH- @ PW & SIS ]

HiHi! everyone!! Round of Perfect Wardrobe with theme "Movie Night" started, and as always -UtopiaH- not miss it!! In this round I was inspired by horror movies with vampires and zombies as characters for the creation of articles. Will find a bloody tongue and includes vampire fangs that you can put you separately. Finally a make-up something like the zombie movies , all items are unisex. Hope u like them and happy round :)


 For new Stuff in Stock round, you will find four makeups only for girls. Two different styles of freckles for the face: nose and cheeks, and full face; with 2 options: faded and intense. And finally 2 sets of lip gloss in red and pink with 3 shades: lgiht, medium and dark. Happy event!!


[ Summer Time ]

Monday, July 8, 2013

[ NEWS @ -UtopiaH- ]

Heya lovelies!! -UtopiaH- recently has some new accessories for you!! Super cute antlers "My Bowy Antlers" are 100% mesh and you have 6 colors to choose: bubblegum, thistle, ciel, kiwi, tangerine and ivory. U can see all colors in mainstore. Hope u like it!!



Friday, July 5, 2013

[ -UtopiaH- @ She & Him Avenue Event ]

Heya everyone!! -UtopiaH- has some new accessories for SHE & HIM event!! SHE & HIM is a monthly event offering high quality body enhancement, accessories and clothing for women and men, and here you have the exclusive items for this event: "killer mesh horns" 100% MESH and are almost perfect for boys and girls, you have 4 colors available (black, dark grey, light grey and dark brown) sold separately. Anf finally super cute mesh headband "Mesh Cat Tiara" you have 3 colors available (gold, silver and ink) and clicking on your nose, you have the option to change the color of gemstones (8 colors in total). Hope u like and happy event!!



[ no one cared who I was until I put on the mask ]