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[ NEWS @ -UtopiaH- ]

Ellu babes!! News Piercings for your boobs ( o )( o ) Push-Up 2.5 or Tango!! "Zodiac Nipples Piercing" in gold for the moment!! All signs available individually. Look at the pic to see the style, the rest of the signs are in mainstore :) Enjoy!!

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[ ♥ ] For All [ ♥ ]

ENG: From here, we want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and that all your dreams and your goals are possible. And most important, I wish the whole world health to you and yours for you can be together for many years. And unfortunately for you begin the year on the wrong foot, lots of encouragement and a lot of strength to go on

ESP: Desde aquí, queremos desearos a todos una feliz navidad y un prospero año nuevo, y que todas vuestras ilusiones y vuestras metas sean posibles. Y lo más importante, os deseo toda la salud del mundo a vosotros y a los vuestros para que podais seguir juntos durante muchos años. Y para los que por desgracia empezais el año con mal pie, mucho ánimo y mucha fuerza para seguir adelante
 M E R R Y C H R I S T M A S


Saturday, December 22, 2012

[ I'm guilty for having learned to love ]

Hello guys! [ JP ]:dsg. recently released these super cool sneakers \o/ are unisex!! We love them!!
with HUD, you can change the size and you can put the color scheme that you like \o/ addition to the basic colors, you have 6 super fun prints and original. Are amazing, do not miss this opportunity. Enjoy!!

[ Peti Loves Lyala...She was Born in [Al Vulo!] ]

Elluu sweeties!! [Al Vulo!] recently released this awesome skin special for xmas holidays, called Lyala :D is on sale in the main store and you have available the 3 tones (porcelain, sk and bisquit) 2 makeups for each tone (natural and red) Lolas! Tango App at each tone, mesh eyes, mesh lashes and moreeee. Click "read more" to see all tones!! Do not miss this opportunity! is impressive as always :) Happy shopping <3

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[ I Tell You a Secret? ]

[ -UtopiaH- Special Editions ]

Hello girls! I bring new items of -UtopiaH- are special editions: [Stuff in Stock], Perfect Wardrobe and *The Boobies Show* Ready?? The theme of [SiS] is "bad or good girl" I've opted to be bad ^,..,^ and the items are: body tattoo (arms included) with 2 opacities faded and intensem, and then Painful blow hand set with spiked rings, bands and sharp nails with 3 sizes. In "TBS" you can find two special items for Christmas: Naughty set with dildo (and this with 2 options: with santa's hat or not) also includes a tongue with same option (santa's hat or not) and as the second item: nipples piercings. And Finally for PW, the theme is "Christmas" and you have a Xmas handset with a set of matching bracelets, as the second item. Happy Events and enjoy it!!

"Stuff in Stock edition"

*The Boobies Show edition*

"Perfect Wardrobe edition"

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[ if you possible ]

Hi girls :) new events! "The Boobies Show" makes a special Christmas round!! In this post you have some items available \o/ but the round starts tomorrow. Happy Event <3

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H.O.T.D GMT+1 Frost

[ Disordered Tears]

[ NEWS @ -UtopiaH- ]

Hey all! Prefer one arm tattooed? Or different things tattooed on each arm? It is now possible lol... in -UtopiaH- available now Arms Mesh Tattoo for male and woman, available in five sizes (S,M,L,XL,XS for male) and (S,M,L,XS,XXS for woman). Hope u like it and enjoy it!!

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[ -UtopiaH- @ F R O S T ]

Hey all! Today 12/12/12 started F R O S T Winter Event...and -UtopiaH- is part of it :) We have nine exclusive items for this event you will find at a reduced price to the usual the during the event. FOR SEE ITEMS CLICK "READ MORE". Hope u like it and enjoy the event <3

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[ NEWS @ -UtopiaH- ]

Ellu my babes!! four new hand set and four new female shapes out now for the girls in -UtopiaH- Mainstore. Hope u like it :D

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[ Silence is the Strongest Scream ]

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