[ -UtopiaH- Special Editions ]

Hello girls! I bring new items of -UtopiaH- are special editions: [Stuff in Stock], Perfect Wardrobe and *The Boobies Show* Ready?? The theme of [SiS] is "bad or good girl" I've opted to be bad ^,..,^ and the items are: body tattoo (arms included) with 2 opacities faded and intensem, and then Painful blow hand set with spiked rings, bands and sharp nails with 3 sizes. In "TBS" you can find two special items for Christmas: Naughty set with dildo (and this with 2 options: with santa's hat or not) also includes a tongue with same option (santa's hat or not) and as the second item: nipples piercings. And Finally for PW, the theme is "Christmas" and you have a Xmas handset with a set of matching bracelets, as the second item. Happy Events and enjoy it!!

"Stuff in Stock edition"

*The Boobies Show edition*

"Perfect Wardrobe edition"

-> Taxi to... [Stuff in Stock]
-> Taxi to... *The Boobies Show*
-> Taxi to... Perfect Wardrobe