Saturday, March 31, 2012

S (and) P - NEWS & More

Hello to all!!! Here I leave tne new releases available in  the S (and) P Mainstore, special tattoo for the event on fridays (available at 55 L$ for a week in the Fi*friday Room) and finally the stuff for the new round of "GSP". Hope you like it!!

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"Fi*friday Edition"

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"GSP Edition"

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Friday, March 30, 2012


*NEW @ Kento*

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H.O.T.D GMT+1 Haters I Love You!!! Look My Tongue :P

Hair: Atro Patena Rex
Skin: Kento Trent -New!!-
Shirt: nv Tink Tank My Girl Friend -New!!-
Jeans: Spirit Store Melly Rigged Mesh -New!!-
Sneakers: ubu
Tattoo: S (and) P I Love Haters Tattoo
Shape: S (and) P Shape Traven -Coming Soon-
Pose: Purple Pose Romeo -New!!-

Thursday, March 29, 2012


Skin:  [Al Vulo!]  - Leilani* Pure Teeth Milk   -New!!-
Hair:  TRUTH  - Kalle   -New!!-
Top:  -SU!-  - Anywhere Tank
Shrug:  [EY:NO]  - My Cute Shrug
Pants:  not so bad  - JANE
Flats:  [EY:NO]  - Flats
Necklace & Bangle:  [EY:NO]  - Colorbeats Gatcha   -New!!-
Hair Flower:  TRUTH  - Part of Bronte Hair
Nails:  [EY:NO]  - French Long Nails

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NEW tone for leilani skin from [Al Vulo!]

Hey babes!! [Al Vulo!] recently released a new tone for leilani skin...milk tone!! She is so gorgeous ^^ her angelic face conveys peace, i love!!! You can choose from six different faceswith two options: with freckless and with teeths or not. Also you have available 16 lips colors. Awesomeeee!! Great job!!

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[I am] [innocent]

Skin:  *JeSyLiLO*  - Kitty LightSkin J4   -New!!-
Eyeshadow:  *JeSyLiLO*  - Part of Kitty Skin   -New!!-
Hair:  .ploom.  - Addie
Top:  ** - Cropped Top
Pants:  .:Sticky fingers:.  - My pink cropped sweatpants   -New!!-
Shoes:  *League*  - Shin Boots v1.2
Nails:  Mstyle  - Long Nails v2

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[P]anda, [The] [P]ainter \o/

Skin:  [Al Vulo!]  - Leilani* Black Milk   -New!!-
Hair:  TRUTH  - Cate
Hoodies:  [NV]  - Hooded sweater   -New!!-
Pants:  Spirit Store  - Melly rigged Mesh*   -New!!-
Feets:  SLink  - Ladies Mesh Barefeet
Ears:  (pera)  - Droopy Ears   -Not Available!!-
Tattoo:  S (and) P  - Panda Makeup   -New!!-

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

NEWS @ S (and) P


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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

H.O.T.D GMT+1 Spring In My Heart!

Hair: Raw House
Skin: Redgrave Skin Edward -New!!-
Pants: Jp Banksy Pants -New!!-
Sneakers: 2real
Tattoo: S (and) P Danger zone Tattoo -GSP-
Shape: S (and) P Shape Pattinson -New!!-
Pose: Purple Pose Taylor

Big Girls Don't Cry :)

Skin:  -Glam Affair-  - Leah   -New!!-
Lipstick:  -Glam Affair-  - Cosmetics Leah lipstick 19   -New!!-
Hair:  /wasabi pills/  - Lola   -New!!-
Sweater:  -SU!-  - Kasual Sweater
Pants:  not so bad  - VINCE jeans
Shoes:  [hoorenbeek]  - Vaider
Piercings:  [twee.]  - Verigosa Piercing


Monday, March 26, 2012

[H]appy :D

Skin:  -Glam Affair-  - Leah   -New!!-
Hair:  Action  - Delilah
Top:  *chronokit*  - Long T-Shirts Striped 2PKG
Pants:  [ JP ]:dsg.  - Banksy Pants   -New!!-
Feets:  SLink  - Jolie Pied Exotix
Necklace:  ~Pepper~  - Name Necklace   -New!!-
Beanie:  Maitreya  - Unisex Beanie

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Skin:  :F:  - Melody ivory 08   -New!!-
Hair:  TRUTH  - Kalle   -New!!-
Top:  -SU!-  - Anywhere tank  
Jacket:  EMERY  - Sheena
Pants:  Spirit Store   Ella Rigged Mesh*   -New!!-
Sneakers:  [ hoorenbeek ]  - Vaider
Belt:  [ JP ]:dsg.  - Banksy-Graffiti-belt   -New!!-
Gloves:  Leti's  - Part of The Onyx Lady Outfit
Rings:  LaGyo  - Shield

Hair: Atro Patena Jake 
Shirt: Buid Mesh Tank -New!!-
Pants: Spirit Store   Ella Rigged Mesh*  -New!!-
Sneakers: Hoorenbeek
Tattoo: Gok Japan Lights
Shape: S (and) P Shape Adrien
Pose: Purple Pose Jared

NEW skin @ :FILTHY:

Ellu lovelies!! :FILTHY: recently released this female skin, called melody, it is very nice :Q_ has 8 different makeup and 4 tones to choose. Enjoy!!

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Sunday, March 25, 2012


Skin:  "tSg"  - Chloe in Lolita
Hair:  Action  - Delilah  
Top:  *chronokit*  - Long T Shirts 01 White PKG
Pants:  [NV]  - Crash Baggy
Sneakers:  [ hoorenbeek ]  - Vaider
Glasses:  Reek  - Park Shades
Tattoo:  S (and) P  - DANGEROUS "Lazy Sunday Edition"   -New!!-

Hair: Dura Boy 33 -New!!-
Skin: Nivaro Crow Skin
Belt: Buid Black leather
Sneakers: Hoorenbeek
Tattoo: S (and) P  - DANGEROUS "Lazy Sunday Edition" -New!!-  
Shape: S (and) P Shape Lenny


Skin:  [Al Vulo!]  - Leilani* Peacock Bronze   -New!!-
Shape:  S (and) P  - Tarah   -New!!-
Hair:  [E]  - Abbey
Dress:  Maitreya mesh  - Cul-de-Sac
Leggings:  Maitreya Mesh  - Leggings   -New!!-
Rings & Nails:  [EY:NO]  - FlowerSkull Nails & Rings
Earrings:  [EY:NO]  - Color Beads Earrings   -New!!-

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Saturday, March 24, 2012

S (and) P - Lazy Sunday Edition

*NEW for Lazy Sunday*

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Happy Saturday night \o/

Skin:  [Al Vulo!]  - Leilani* Pink Bronze   -New!!-
 Hair:  RAW HOUSE::  - Sonny   -New!!-
 Shirt:  [NV]  - Trendy of Shoulder   -New!!-
Pants:  {mon tissu}  - Nora Skinny Jeans   -New!!-
Flats:  .:Periquita:.  - Funny Girl Flats
Ring:  LaGyo  - Shield
Tattoo:  S (and) P  - DANGEROUS  "Lazy Sunday Edition"   -New!!-

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NEW Skin @ *JeSyLiLo*

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Friday, March 23, 2012

NEW @ S (and) P


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Skin:  [Al Vulo!]  - Leilani* Black Bronze   -New!!-
Lipstick:  [Al Vulo!]  - Leilani Lipstick Midnight   -New!!- 
Hair:  LoQ  - Redwine
Dress:  -(BR)-  - The Sensual Dress   -New!!-
Leggings:  *Sheer*  - Leggings 26:
Feets:  SLink  - Jolie Pied Exotix
Gloves:  [-p]  - DemonBaby Gloves
Top + Mask:  Graves  - Part of  G331 Jinx Outfit
Horns:  DrD  - Gore Bloody Horns
Wrists:  ..::DeliciouS::..  - Adamantium Prisoner Cuffs



Skin:  (Love)  - Emma Redux - T3   -New!!-
Hair:  lamb.  - Brand Lover Mesh*   -New!!-  
Shrug:  [EY:NO]  - My Cute Shrug   -New!!-
Tank:  -SU!-  - Anywhere Tank  
Pants:  [NV]  - What Baggy   -New!!-
Feets:  Slink  - Ladies Mesh Barefeer  
Belt:  *blitzed*  - Legacy Belt
Rosary:  [[SHADE THRONE]]  - El rosario
Nails:  Mstyle  - Long Nails v2
Tattoo:  S (and) P  - I hate Myself for Loving you "Fi*friday Edition"  -Taxi HERE!!-

Hair: Atro Patena Robert
Skin: Nivaro Crow
Pants:  [NV]  - What Baggy   -New!!-
Tattoo: S (and) P I love haters tattoo -Fi*friday-
Shape: S (and) P Shape Lenny

S (and) P @ Fi*friday EDITION

Heyaa everyone!! Other Friday more, you can enjoy a round with items just 55 L$ of your favorites stores in the event on friday, Fi*friday event... you can enjoy these offers for a week. Here you have our tattoos. O hope you like.

NEW!! *Fi.Friday Edition* 

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

[W]elcoome [S]pring...

Skin:  "tSg"  - Chloe in Lolita
Hair:  !lamb.  - Brand Lover Mesh*   -New!!-
Shrug:  [EY:NO]  - My Cute Shrug   -New!!-
Top:  -SU!-  - Anywhere Tank
Pants:  {mon tissu}  - Nora Skinny Jeans   -New!!-
Sandals:  Maitreya  - Flip-Flops
Nails:  [Mstyle]  - Long Nails v2 Cracked
Hair Flower:  TRUTH  - Part of Bronte* Hair

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Skin:  [Al Vulo!]  - Leilani* Black Bronze   -New!!-
Shape:  S (and) P  - Richelle   -New!!-
Hair:  /wasabi pills/  - Kumi Pony  
T-shirt:  !Admiral Spicy! - Simple Mesh Tee   -New!!-
Shorts:  [NV]  - Hipster Jeans Shorts
Sandals:  Maitreya  - Flip-Flops Passion  
Belt:  ~Pepper~  - Andavi
Nails:  Mstyle  - Long Nails v2
Plasters:  -damned-  - K.plasters  
Tattoo:  S (and) P  - Angry Leopard "PW Edition"   -Taxi HERE!!-

Hair: Atro Patena Rich
Skin: Fruk Knox Skin - The Revolver- -New!!
Jeans: Amerie
Tattoo: Buid 80 Red Fire -New!!-
Belt: Buid Belt Black Leather v2 -New!!-
Sneakers: ubu
Glasses: K_gs Dhanu
Shape: S (and) P Shape Jason -New!!-

[S]mile ツ

Skin:  (Love)  - Emma Redux T2/LB/WC   -New!!-
Shape:  S (and) P  - Viveka   -New!!-
Hair:  .b  - Dive
Dress:  Spirit Store  - Agren Mesh*   -New!!-
Shoes:  2g  - Babouche
Nails:  Mstyle  - Long Nails v2
Rings:  LaGyo  - Shields
 Butterfly:  action  - Hair Accessories
Tattoo:  S (and) P  - DON'T CRY Just Say "Fuck You" and Smile   -New!!-

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NEW Emma Skin from (Love)

Ellu babes!! Here you have the new Emma Skin from (LOVE) i love can choose between four tones, she is so sweettt :Q_ Enjoy!!

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

SOON skin from [Al Vulo!]

Elluu lovelies!! [Al Vulo!]  recently released a new skin, called leilani, she is so beautiful!! His face is awesomeee!!! I love!! You have available four differents faces (black, peacock, pink and pure) with two options: with teeth or without teeth...and then you can mix with 17 beautiful colors of lips!!
Buuut...if you want to have one, you will have to wait a few hours, Hlin will put on sale TOMORROW! Great Job!!

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NEWS @ S (and) P


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S (and) P HAS MOVED (FINAL!!!)

After several complaints about the lag in our old shop, we have moved to a new site with no lag, no clubs ... only S (and) P - Mainstore!! Enjoy!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Hair: [Atro Patena] - Kelvin Subscribe Gift
Skin: Fruk Knox skin -New!!-
Jeans: Kal Rau Baggy Jeans Green -New!!-
Belt: Kal Rau Baggy Jeans -New!!-
Key Chain: Kal Rau Kay Chain -Gift-
Shape: S (and) P Shape Jason -New!!-
Tattoo: S (and) P Love is in the air tattoo -New!!
Pose: Purple Pose Pose Jared -New!!-