Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year

From Catalonia (Spain) Bertu and I, will want to wish everyone a happy New Year's Eve, and a good start to the new year. And 2012, is better than the last, with much love, health and work for all of you and your family.
See you next year, until then it will be very happy :D...And remember! IF YOU DRINK DO NOT DRIVE!!

Desde Catalunya, Bertu y yo os queremos desear a todos una feliz nochevieja, y un buen comienzo de año nuevo. Y que el 2012, sea mejor que el anterior, con mucho amor, salud y trabajo para todos vosotros y vuestra familia. Os vemos el año que viene, hasta entonces que seais muy felices :D...Y recuerda!! SI BEBES NO CONDUZCAS!!

Shape:  S (and) P  - Paul
Shirt:  Zoobong!
Pants:  [NV]  - Hypsters Jeans
Boots:  [Gos]
Scarf:  [EY:NO]  - Cross Scarf
Hair:  *drot*

Skin:  [Al Vulo!]  - Polly* Natural Sunkissed   -Private Room Event-
Hair:  ""D!va""  - Ema
Short Jacket:  [Cynful]  - 2012 Special Outfit
Dress:  -SU!-  - Lalala dress
Tights:  Mstyle  - Roses tights
Shoes:  J's  - Platform pumps

(.Salt (and) Pepper.)


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♥ Skin:  :F:  - Nathalie Cream 01   ((new!!))
♥ Hair:  *dura*  - Girl*30
♥ Sweater:  Spirit Store  - Frosya shirt   ((new!!))
♥ Tank:  **  - Tanktop
♥ Pants:  Spirit Store  - Pupa jeans unisex   
♥ Shoes:  *Kookie*  - Enya
♥ Belt:  ~Pepper~  - Hook it Belt
♥ Nails:  Mstyle  - Perfect Hand
♥ Eye Liner:  (Love) Cosmetics  - Cat Eye

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hair: drot
jeans: FuK'N'HawT
boots: tonktastic
tattoo: S (and) P Ecdysis Tattoo - private room
shape: S (and) P shape paul

Friday, December 30, 2011

Dónde haya agua...habrá vida

♥ Skin:  (love)  - Emma Medium
♥ Hair:  /wasabi pills/  - Brrree
♥ Dress:  **  - Via Dress Striped
♥ Pants:  Maitreya  - Mesh Leather Legging   ((new!!))
♥ Shoes:  Maitreya  - Shearling Boots
♥ Nails:  Mstyle  - Perfect Hand
♥ Bracelet:  [[Shade Throne]]  - The black rider
♥ Eye Liner:  (Love) Cosmetics  - Momsen


♥ Skin:  [Al Vulo!]  - Polly* Natural Teeth Sunkissed   -Private Room Event-
♥ Hair:  [BURLEY]  - Bajka
♥ Dress:  **  - Via Dress Striped
♥ Socks:  *League*  - Gartered Socks
♥ Legs:  ASI  - Shadow Hound Digi Boots
♥ Nails:  Mstyle  - Perfect Hand
♥ Tattoo with Makeup:  S (and) P  - Ecdysis   -Private Room Event-

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(.Salt (and) Pepper.)

*NEWS* -Unisex Tattoos-

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♥ winter

♥ Skin:  [Al Vulo!]  - Polly* Natural Sunkissed   "-Private Room Event-"
♥ Shape:  S (and) P  - Zhenya   "-Private Room Event-"
♥ Hair:  [E]  - Change
♥ Sweater:  DeeTaleZ  - Tops Xmas Special Sweater snowman
♥ Pants:  Addict  - Nora
♥ Boots:  Reek  - Autumn Boots
♥ Nails:  Mstyle  - Perfect Hand
♥ Glasses:  Reek  - Park Shades

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Thursday, December 29, 2011


♥ Skin:  [Al Vulo!]  - Polly* Natural Teeth Sunkissed   "Available only HERE"
♥ Hair:  *~*Damselfly*~* - Morrisania Black Pearl
♥ Short Jacket and Skirt:  [ Cynful ]  - 2012 Special Outfit   ((new!!))
♥ Top:  T.Whore  - Lolita Top
♥ Tights:  DeeTaleZ  - Tights nylons leo
♥ Shoes:  Mstyle  - GOSHI Pumps
♥ Nails:  Mstyle  - Perfect Hand
♥ Earrings:  Bellballs/PIDIDDLE  - Fringe Cuff Earrings
♥ Belt:  !Admiral Spicy!  - Tripple Belt   ((new!!)) 

-Private Room Event- is OPEN!!!
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(.Salt (and) Pepper.) @ GFW

Sorry for the delay! I'm doing a thousand things these days and I miss the most important thing -.-
These are my 2 items for GFW. 100 l$ maximum. Enjoy!

-Touch Logo For LM-

Good Afternoon!!

♥ Skin:  [ Al Vulo! ]  - Polly* Natural Teeth Sunkissed   "soon @ Private.Room"
♥ Hair:  /wasabi pills/  - Amandine Mesh   ((new!!))
♥ Dress: d.  - long winter sweater
♥ Tights:  d.  - Wool tights
♥ Shoes:  KAO  - ankle-strap shoes
♥ Belt:  ~Pepper~  - Hook it belt   ((new!!))
♥ Rings:  [EY:NO]  - Reindeer Rings   "GroupGift"

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-Private Room- is nearby !!

Heyaaa babes!!
I bring news to those who still do not know! Opens tomorrow -Private Room Event- \o/ It is? an event organized by Maelynda and Dedelf, owners of Bad.Romance and {Suicidal Kiss} stores, in this event you will find items of your favorite stores at a reduced price to the normal. For example: (.Salt (and) Pepper.) expose these items. I hope you like it. Remember: starting closed!!

Holaaa chicas!! 
Os traigo una noticia para las que no lo sabeis! Mañana abre las puertas - Private Room Event- \o/ Que és? Un evento organizado por Maelynda y Dedelf, dueñas de las tiendas Bad.Romance y {Suicidal Kiss} en éste evento podreis encontrar items de vuestras tiendas favoritas a un precio reducido al normal. Por ejemplo: (.Salt (and) Pepper.) exponemos estos items. Espero que os guste. Recordad: empieza mañana...Ahora está cerrado!! 

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Blade (left):
  hair: burley
pants: [pumpkin] fisherman pants
sneakers: balkanik
tattoo: S (and) P fuck me i'm famous tattoo
shape: S (and) P shape Kobe

Bertu (right):
skin: redgrave
shape: S (and) P shape dann
pants: [pumpkin] fisherman pants
sneakers: hoorenbeek
tattoo: [glue ink] Infinitas- To No End
glasses: K_gs Saria
spirals: pepper spirals

♥ Mesh

♥ Skin: !R  - Kara
♥ Hair:  [YunA'sHAIR]  - Marie
♥ Top:  *League*  - Spring Frill Neck Camisole
♥ Pants:  Maitreya  - Mesh Leather Legging   ((new!!))
♥ Boots:  Maitreya  - Mesh Radical Boots
♥ Bracelet:  [[Shade Throne]]  - The Black Rider
♥ Rings:  LaGyo  - Shield Rings
♥ Nails:  Mstyle  - Long Nails V2
♥ Tattoo:  S (and) P  - Hell Diamonds

Nathalie it's here \o/

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

News @ -(BR)-

♥ Skin:  !R  - Kara
♥ Hair:  .: vive9 :.  - Poland Highlander Bun
♥ Dresses:  -(BR)-  - The New Year Dress   ((new!!))
♥ Shoes:  Maitreya  - Mesh Alexa Wedges   ((new!!))
♥ Gloves:  [Glue ink]  - Ree Gloves
♥ Bangles:  [[Shade Throne]]  - The black rider
♥ Earrings:  Yasyn  - Pheasant Feather Earrings
♥ Nails:  Mstyle  - Long nails v2

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011


♥ Skin:  [Al Vulo!]  - Sally* Natural Sunkissed
♥ Hair:  !lamb.  - Mono   ((new!!))
♥ Sweater:  Maitreya  - Mesh Athena Sweater   ((new!!))
♥ Top:  **  - Tank Top
♥ Shorts:  Maitreya   - Jeans Shorts
♥ Boots:  Reek  - Autumn Boots
♥ Bandaids:  Reek - I Heart Bandaids

(.Salt (and) Pepper.)


Lazy Tuesday *o*

♥ Skin:  (Love)  - Emma Medium
♥ Hair:  [burley]  - Posh
♥ Sweater:  Maitreya  - Mesh Athena Sweater   ((new!!))
♥ Skirt:  AURA  - Lazy Denim
♥ Tights:  ~ CoLoReTa's:]  -  Wooly Tights
♥ Shoes:  Maitreya  - Mesh Alexa Wedges   ((new!!))
♥ Belt:  Maitreya  - Coin Belt
♥ Bangles:  *League*
♥ Glasses:  Gritty Kitty
♥ Beanie:  Maitreya  - Beanie Knit

Good Morning \o/


♥ Skin:  [Al Vulo!]  - Sally* Pink Teeth Sunkissed
♥ Hair:  [burley]  - Bajka
♥ Shirt:  "Niniko"  - Big Shirt
♥ Lingerie:  .:Sticky fingers:.  - My black Va-Va-Voom   ((new!!))
♥ Feets:  SLink  - Jolie Pied v2.0
♥ Hair Flower:  Truth  - Part of Bronte Hair

Taxi to... .:Sticky Fingers:.

Monday, December 26, 2011


♥ Skin:  [Al Vulo!]  - Sally* black teeth sunkissed
♥ Hair:  /wasabi pills/  - Trish
♥  Hoodie:  .:villena:.  - Mesh hoodie
 ♥ Pants:  Spirit Store  - Fiona Jeans   ((new!!))
♥ Shoes:  2g  - Babouche
♥ Face Tattoo:  S (and) P  - I love face tattoo

hair: dura knit cap ((new!))
sweater: buid sweater mesh ((new!))
Pants:  Spirit Store  - Fiona Jeans   ((new!!))
Shoes:  2g  - Babouche
glasses: k_gs alfred
shape: S (and) P shape Jonah ((new!))

Sunday, December 25, 2011

(.Salt (and) Pepper.)


i Love :Q_

♥ Skin:  (Love)  - Emma Medium
♥ Hair:  lelutka  - QCX   ((new!!))
♥ Dress:  -SU!-  - Lalala Dress
♥ Legs:  -V-  - Shadow Faun   ((not available))
♥ Nails:  Mstyle  - Long Nails V2
♥ Ears:  (pera)  - Droopy ears   ((not available))
♥ Face tattoo:  S (and) P  - I love face tattoo   ((new!!))

Has been good? i do not :Q__

*NEW* HoHoHo! i've Been Naughty

blaaaahhhh ^,..,^

♥ Skin:  [ Al Vulo! ]  - Maddy*   "Gift for bloggers" not for sale!!
♥ Hair:  Truth  - Lucia
♥ Sweater:  Blah.  - My SweetHeart Pullover   ((new!!))
♥ Skirt:  AURA  - Lazy denim
♥ Leggins:  Blah.  - My Lazy Leggings   ((new!!))
♥ Feets:  Slink  - Ladies Mesh Barefeet
♥ Necklace:  [EY:NO]  - Winter Necklace

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Xmas

Bertu and I want to wish you a Merry Christmas, be very happy and that your dreams come true.
We also want to thank and wish all the luck in the world to the designers who are confident with our work day by day. And especially thanks to all the fans, and all customers of (.Salt (and) Pepper.) without your support nothing would have been possible.
Merry Christmas and good health <3

Bertu y yo os queremos desear una feliz navidad, que seais muy felices y que vuestros sueños se hagan realidad. Tambien queremos dar las gracias y desear toda la suerte del mundo a los diseñadores que están confiando con nuestro trabajo dia a dia. Y sobretodo gracias a todos los seguidores, y a todos los clientes de (.Salt (and) Pepper.). Sin vuestro apoyo nada hubiera sido posible. Felices fiestas y mucha salud <3

Skin:  [kento]  - Ryan
Shape:  S (and) P  - Ian
Hair:  *dura*  - Boy*30   ((new!!))
Sweater:  Aitui
Pants:  Spirit Store  - Gogolina   ((new!!))
Shoes:  2g  - Babouche black
Tattoo:  S (and) P  - Crazy Life

Skin:  [Al Vulo! ]  - Maddy*   "Xmas gift: not for sale"   Thx Hlin <3
Hair: [E]  - Garden
Sweater:  [Cynful]  - Day off Sweatshirt    "Xmas Special"  Thx Cynthia <3
Pants:  [Cynful]  - Eve Britches
Boots:  S (and) P  - Winter Boots Love   ((new!!))
Necklace:  [EY:NO]  - Winter necklace   ((new!!))
Nails:  [EY:NO]  - Winter nails   [:Where is HunT...:]
Hair Flower:  Truth  - Part of Bronte Hair
Face makeup: S (and) P  - Winter makeup   [:Where is HunT...:]

Friday, December 23, 2011

Snow Queen

Hey babes! New shape ... is called Quione, lovers of greek mythology know who i'm talking about, she is the goddess of snow. Skin, hair, outfit ... particularly in relation to snow and winter. Hope you like it!!

i ♥ pink

♥ Skin:  Atomic  - Grace
♥ Hair:  Lelutka  - Victoria
♥ Sweater:  *Epic*  - Baggy Fleece Sweater
♥ Parka:  *Epic*  - Luxe Parka   ((new!!))
♥ Skirt:  [EY:NO]  - Knitted Miniskirt
♥ Legs:  *Epic*  - Knit Digi Warmers
♥ Nails:  [EY:NO]  - Winter Nails   [:Where is HunT...:]

NEW @ (.Salt (and) Pepper.)


♥ Skin:  [ Al Vulo! ]  - Sally* Black Teeth Porcelain
♥ Hair:  [BURLEY]  - Babs & Anna Bottom
♥ Top:  !Admiral Spicy!  - Lace Top   ((new!!))
♥ Skirt:  [EY:NO]  - Knitted Miniskirt
♥ Shoes:  Mstyle  - GOSHI Pumps
♥ Belt:  .:Hermony:.  - Lucky Death
♥ Nails:  [EY:NO]  - Winter Nails   Where is the...hunt
♥ Necklace:  [EY:NO]  - Winter necklace   ((new!!))

Thursday, December 22, 2011

it's cold on the street

♥ Skin:  Glam Affair  - Linn
♥ Hair:  [E]  - Mood
♥ Shirt:  *BOOM*  - The Cashmere
♥ Skirt:  AURA  - Lazy Denim
♥ Tights:  *blowpop*
♥ Legs:  (pera)  - Jean Hoof Leggings  "not available"
♥ Nails:  Mstyle  - Perfect Hand
♥ Makeup and Lashes:  izzie's  - Baby it's cold outside
♥ Mouth object:  :[P]:  - Part of themeory-snowflake outfit

(.Salt (and) Pepper.)

Helluuu everyone!! Here you have a new female shape, called Irinah. I hope you like it. And the tattoos will SOON be available for everyone at an event that you will love (Private Room) but will be only for girls (sorry guys -.-), later, I shall tell you the land. patience while :Q_

Hola a todos!! Aquí os dejo un nuevo shape femenino, se llama Irinah. Espero que os guste. Y los tatuajes estarán MUY PRONTO disponibles para todos en un evento que os encantará (Private Room) peró es sólo para chicas (lo siento chicos -.-), más adelante os informaré del land. Mientras tanto paciencia :Q_

Soon in... -Private Room Event-

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


skin: tableau vivant
hoodie: villena soul
jeans: [nv] hipster jeans
boots: S (and) P Winter Boots Knitted ((new!))
pose: purple pose august
shape: S (and) P shape Seven ((new!))

♥ Skin:  [Al Vulo!]  - Sakia* disco blonde brow bronze   ((new!!)) 
♥ Shape:  S (and) P  - Strawberry   ((new!!))
♥ Hair:  ::Exile::  - Kumiko
♥ Sweater:  Spirit Store  - Oika   ((new!!))
 ♥ Jeans:  Sassy Kitty Designs  - Unbuttoned jeans
♥ Gloves:  [Glue ink]  - Ree Gloves
♥ boots: S (and) P Winter Boots Knitted - red ((new!))
 ♥ Nails:  mstyle  - long nails v2

(.Salt (and) pepper.)

*NEW BOOTS (Available in 5 colors)
GSP item (inspired by .:Sticky Fingers:. Xmas Gift. Thx!)
NEW Group Gift
NEW Male Shape