Monday, January 28, 2013

[ you have my whole heart for my whole life ]

[ -UtopiaH- @ PW ]

Hey hey everyone!! Start new round in Perfect Wardrobe with the theme "Valentine's Day" these are the items of -UtopiaH- you will find for this round: Awesome make-up with 3 different colors (red, magenta and bubblegum) and finally unisex tattoo !I'm the wings that keep your heart in the sky (includes leg tattoo). Enjoy it and happy event!!

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H.O.T.D GMT+1 Eres Mi Mejor Regalo

Saturday, January 26, 2013

H.O.T.D GMT+1 Rawr!

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[ Beyond The WaveS ]

[ -UtopiaH- @ PW ]

Hey there!! After a break, start new round in Perfect Wardrobe with the theme "candy shop" we expect a round of the sweetest :P Here are the items of -UtopiaH- for this round: Arm mesh tattoo (for woman) and sweet coated hand set with mesh nails (for woman too). Hope u like it and happy round!!

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[ Never Hesitate ]

Monday, January 14, 2013

[ i'm not afraid ]

[ i hear her in the Wind ]

Ellu sweeties!! [Al Vulo!] recently released this new tone for eleonor* skin, porcelain tone!! Is amazingggg i love!! her pale skin tone, makes an angelic beautiful :Q___ I love. You can choose between 7 makeups (2 for each makeup) as usual, also includes: mesh eyes, lolas! tango appliers, eyeshadows, freckles and more!! Do not miss this opportunity!! Enjoy!!

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[ -UtopiaH- @ ..:: ILSLF ::.. ]

Elly everyone!! After a short rest, start new round in ..:: I Love SL Fashion ::.. and then you have the items: Female accessories, awesome horns with piercing (3 colors to choose: pink, black and aqua) and you can wear individually. And then, unisex mesh tattoo for arms, included: 5 sizes for woman (L,M,S,XS and XXS) and 5 sizes for man (, XL, L, M, S and XS). Hope u like it and happy event!!

*NEW FOR ..::ILSLF::..*

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[ whatever you do...don't fall asleep ^,..,^ ]

Sunday, January 6, 2013

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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

[ NEWS @ -UtopiaH- ]

 Ellu everyone!! primarily wish you all a happy new year and health be with you :D in -UtopiaH- premiered the year with new stuff!! Two body tattoos, two piercings in gold with tintable dimples and three leggings tattoos. And Finally, you have a Small promotion for members of -UtopiaH- VIP. Piercings for boobs (Push.up 2.5 or Tango) to 50% only with the active group tag. Hope u like it and enjoy!!

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