Wednesday, November 30, 2011

i ♥ bella

♥ Skin:  [ Al Vulo! ] - Sally* Sunkissed
♥ Shape:  S (and) P  - Bella   ((new!!))
♥ Hair:  [YunA'sHAIR]  - Marie
♥ Dress:  .:Sticky fingers:.  - My cable knit sweater dress   ((new!!))
♥ Boots:  [E]  - Secret Boots
♥ Belt:  ~Pepper~  - Waistline Belt
♥ Armwarmers:  ~Pepper~  - Armwarmer
♥ Tattoo:  S (and) P  - X-mas Kity   ((soon!!))
♥ Nails:  Mstyle  - Long Nails v2

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Maria loves Soft Dress...and Peti loves all ♥♥

Helluuu lovelies!! new things for you...:FILTHY: recently released this super nice skin, called Maria, i love!! His face is awesome :Q__ As always, you can enjoy 8 makeup, and choose from 4 colors! She's lovely! And finally {Suicidal kiss} launched these super sexy dresses! Available in various colors!!! Enjoy!!

+*lм Sø Sєҳ̸Ҳ̸ҳίє*+

♥ Skin:  :F:  - Maria . Cream . 07   ((new!!))
♥ Hair:  Action  - Lauren
♥ Dress:  { Suicidal Kiss }  - Soft Dress Red   ((new!!))
♥ Fishnet:  erratic/  - fishnet wide
♥ Socks:  *League*  - Side Gartered Stockings
♥ Boots:  :)(:  - Sandy
♥ Gloves:  :)(:  - Sandy Gloves
♥ Nails:  Mstyle  - Perfect Hand
♥ Headband:  Elate!  - Silk Bow   ((old group gift...not available))

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♥ Skin:  [ Al Vulo! ]  - Sally* pink 2 teeth sunkissed
♥ Hair:  (love)  - Cameron   ((new!!))
♥ Jacket:  (love)  - Casual blazer
♥ Top:  **  - Tank top
♥ Jeans:  (love)  - Twill jeggings
♥ Shoes:  :)(:  - Sandy
♥ Chain:  <-Puncture->  - Zodiac Belly Chain

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My item for GFW Event

Helluuu babes!! A week, (.Salt (and) Pepper.) participate in the event of Wednesday in Jersey Shore "GFW" ...This week a female shape at low prices!! Hope you like it...Enjoy!!

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[G]ood [N]ight

♥ Skin:  [ Al Vulo! ]  - Giulia* Gold Porcelain   ((new!!)) :Q___
♥ Hair:  Yuna's Hair  - Marie
♥ Jacket:  [Cynful]  - Comfy Vest
♥ Top:  Pig  - Billy Wrap
♥ Skirt:  [EY:NO]  - Darkblue Miniskirt Ripped
♥ Boots:  :::Coy:ott:::  - UGG Snow Boots
♥ Belt:  ~Pepper~  - Andavi Belt
♥ Plasters:  -damned-  - Kplasters (legs and nose)
♥ BubbleGum:  [PF]  - Yum Bubblegum!

More news @ (.Salt (and) Pepper.)

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Sound Up Baby ! ♪ ♪

♪ Skin:  [ Al Vulo! ]  - Giulia* Natural Porcelain
♪ Hair:  Magika  - Paisley
♪ Dress:  { Suicidal Kiss }  - Hot Dress White   ((new!!))
♪ Jeans:  !Admiral Spicy!  - Light Ripped Jeans
♪ Shoes:  UBU  - Lo-Tops
♪ Belt:  Blitzed  - Bug
♪ Gloves:  [Plastik]  - LipstickMuse
♪ Nails:  Mstyle  - Perfect Han
♪ Necklace:  !Admiral Spicy!  - Sound Up!   ((new!!))


[R]ed [L]eo...

♥ Skin:  [ Al Vulo! ] - Giulia* Porcelain   ((soon!!))
Shape:  S (and) P  - Winter   ((new!!))
♥ Hair:  SLink  - Angel
♥ Dress:  -(BR)-  - You rock!   ((new!!))
♥ Socks:  DRD  - Stockings nets holes
♥ Legs:  ASI
♥ Gloves:  [Plastik]  - LipstickMuse
♥ Mask:  Cobrahive  - Gekai Mask
♥ Ears:  (pera)  - Droopy ears   ((not available!!))
♥ Tail:  [sknk]  - Imp Tail
♥ Nails:  Mstyle  - Perfect Hand - Short Nails

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2 news MALE shapes

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Monday, November 28, 2011

New Tone For Giulia* From [ Al Vulo! ]

Hellu babes!!! New tone for Giulia* skin From [ Al Vulo! ] it's here!! But...but...out at the store 29/11/11!! A little patience!! it's so gorgeous :Q___

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H.O.T.D GMT+1 PIM..PAM!...!! NEW @ BUID!!

skin: tableau vivant
shirt: zoobong
jeans: buid jeans Lowrise Ripped 
boots: buid boots ((new!))
tattoo: glue ink StAy GoLd GaNgStAh TaTtOo
tattoo hand: S (and) P happy halloween (not available)
shape: S (and) P shape josh

[S]kating [H]ooves...

♥ Skin:  [ Al Vulo! ] -Sally* Natural Porcelain
♥ Hair:  [BURLEY]  - Ana
♥ Jacket:  AOHARU  - NordicKnitCoat
♥ Skirt:  -BC-  Mini Skirt Brown   ((new!!))
♥ Socks:  *League*  - Side-Gartered
♥ Legs:  *Epic*  - Knit Digi Warmers   ((new!!))   "PW"
♥ Hat:  *Epic*  - Kawaii Knit Monkey Chapka   ((new!!))   "PW"

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news @ (.Salt (and) Pepper.)


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♥ Skin:  LAQ  - Ebba 
♥ Hair:  [BURLEY]  - Ana
♥ Sweater:  [Cynful]  - Day Off Sweatshirt /beige
♥ Jeans:  AddiCt  - Nora
♥ Legs:  *Epic*  - Knit Digi Warmers   ((new!!))   "PW"
♥ Hat:  *Epic*  - Kawaii Knit Monkey Chapka   ((new!!))   "PW"
♥ Nails:  Mstyle  - Long nails v2


Skin:  [PF]  - Elly
Hair:  [E]  - Garden
Top:  **  - Tank top
Dress:  Atomic  - Summertime
Legs:  .illusory.  - Goat Basic   ((not available!!))
Ears:  (pera)  - Droopy Ears   ((not available!!))
Eyes:  -damned-  - Eyes21:::
Necklace:  Fet!sh  - BDSM ring-sation

Sunday, November 27, 2011

(.Salt (and) Pepper.) OFFER!!!

Hellu! various female shapes of the store will be removed in a few days. During a week will be only 100 ls. A part of this offer, you will find 8 new shapes (normal price). Here i leave the pictures of the new!! Enjoy!!

Hola! varios shapes femeninos serán retirados de la tienda en unos dias. Durante una semana estarán a 100 ls. A parte de ésta oferta, encontrareis 8 shapes femeninos nuevos (precio normal). Aquí os dejo las fotos de los nuevos. Disfrutadlo!!


My little sheep *__*

Skin:  [ Al Vulo! ]  - Giulia* natural tan
Hair:  [BURLEY]  - Babs n' Ana
Top:  Blah.  - My Cozy Cute Shirt
Pants:  .::YoPulga::.  - Black Baggy Chain   ((new!!))
Feets:  Slink  - Ladies Mesh Barefeet
Tattoo:  S (and) P  - Fuck me i'm Famous   ((Available @ GSP))

My First Handbag...*___*

Skin:  Lara Hurley Skin  - Emma   ((new!!))
Hair:  *~*Damselfly*~*  - Morrisania
Jacket:  Izzie's  - Suede Blazer brown   ((new!!))
Top:  **  - Tank top
Jeans:  IMIJ  - Haute Leggings /leo
Shoes:  [PM]  - Baby T's
Handbag:  Izzie's  - Clutch brown   ((new!!))
Necklace:  [EY:NO]  - Snowglobe Necklace /polarbears   ((lazy sunday!!))
Headband:  [EY:NO]  - Headband /leo

Taxi to... izzie's 

Saturday, November 26, 2011


skin: redgrave
hoodie: jp Navajo-Hoodie ((new!)) yay!
jeans: [nv] Hipster Jeans Ripped
boots: gos
tattoo:  S (and) P - Fuck Me...i'm Famous Tattoo @ Gsp
shape: S (and) P shape david ((new!))
pose: vista animations


Skin:  Lara Hurley Skins  - Emma   ((new!!))  :Q___
Hair:  [E]  - Changes
Dress:  Paper.Doll  - Jess   ((Available @ GSP!!))
Feets:  SLink  - Ladies mesh barefeet
Nails:  Mstyle  - Long Nails V2
Necklace:  MIEL  - Lish necklace   ((50 ls Friday!!))

i love winter....

Skin:  Laq  - Ebba   ((new!!))
Hair:  [E]  - Changes
Sweater:  !Admiral Spicy! - Charmy Jacket   ((new!!))
Pants:  AddiCt  - Nora
Boots:  :::Coy:ott:::  - UGG Snow Boots
Armwarmers:  ~Pepper~  Armwarmer   ((new!!))
Nails:  Mstyle  - Long nails v2
Gloves:  [Glue ink]  - Ree gloves
Necklace:  MIEL  - Lish Necklace   ((50 ls Friday!!))


hair: drot
skin: redgrave
belt: pepper  Brass Knuckle Belt
boots: coco
glasses: kg_s tahua ((new!))
tattoo: S (and) P - Fuck Me...i'm Famous Tattoo @ Gsp
shape: S (and) P shape david ((new!))
pose: purple pose

NEWS @ .:Sticky Fingers:.

Skin:  Laq  - Ebba   ((new!!))
Hair:  booN  - TUN247
Dress:  .:Sticky fingers:.  - My bow dress   ((new!!))
Shoes:  N-core  - Coquette
Gloves:  [Glue ink]  - Ree Gloves
Nails:  Mstyle  - Long nails V2 
Jewelry:  [[shade throne]]
Plugs:  Nox.  - Chromatic Tunnels
Necklace:  blitzed

Taxi to... .:Sticky Fingers:.

Friday, November 25, 2011

beauty is in the interior....

Helluuu lovelies!! Here i leave the new group gift from Al vulo! a different skin, natural ... in short this is how we would all if we do not shave their eyebrows. Yes or no?? lol...The truth that i really like the skin!!! Hands up for Hlin!!!! \o/ Enjoy!!!
P.D I need a beautician...urgently!!! *___*

Skin:  [ Al Vulo! ]  - Frida Passion Tan   ((new group gift!!))
Hair:  truth  - Clara
Jacket:  (love)  - casual blazer   ((new!!))
Top:  **  - Tank top white
Skirt:  *Fishy Strawberry*  - Peyote Mini
Shoes:  *League*  - Shin Boots
Belt:  MIEL  - Cali cords
Necklace:  (Milk Motion)  - My huge necklace
Glasses:  Reek  - Park Shades
Gloves:  [Glue ink]  - Ree Gloves
Nails:  Mstyle  - Long nails V.2
Orthodontics:  *LC* E  - Braces Rainbow Pastel

 Taxi to... [ Al Vulo! ]

[H]oney [H]oney...

Skin:  [krasota]  - Fransuasa T. 2 m. 1   ((new!!)) *___*
Hair:  ^;^CaTwA^;^  - Suzan
Dress:  !Admiral Spicy! - Winter Wooly Dress   ((new!!))
Nails:  Mstyle  - Perfect Hand Long Nail
Plasters:  -DAMNED-  - K.Plasters
Feets:  Slink - Ladies Mesh Barefeet   ((new!!))
Ears:  (pera)  - Droopy ears   ((not available))
Antlers:  .ILLUSORY.  - Twig Antlers
Mouth Cookie:  :. LuTimez .:  - Winter Cookie   ((group gift!!))

Fransuasa it's so gorgeous *_____*

Helluuu babes!! KRASOTA once again surprises us with another wonderful skin, called Fransuasa, you have six to choose makeup and four tones. Enjoy!!

Taxi to... [KRASOTA]

[M]i [E]scondite....

♥ Skin:  [ Al Vulo! ]  - Sally* black porcelain
♥ Hair:  [Detour]  - Kaeli
♥ Top:  *BOOM*  - The Cashmere
♥ Pants:  .:Sticky fingers:. - My black knitted ridding pants
♥ Jacket:  AOHARU  - NordicKnitCoat
♥ Boots:  [N]  - Moccasins

Thursday, November 24, 2011

my item for {Grunge Soul Project}

Hellu I leave my item for the new GSP (is unisex) Starts tomorrow. I hope you like it... Enjoy!!

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Taxi to... (.Salt (and) Pepper.)

Pili, Mili y Peti

Skin:  -Glam Affair-  - Amelie
Hair:  >TRUTH<  - Janice   ((new!!))
Sweater:  :. LuTimez .:  - Winter Sweater   ((new!!))
Pants:  [SC]  - Belmar Skinny Jeans
Shoes:  [SC]  - Boardwalkers
Belt:  ~pepper~  - Andavi Belt
Scarf:  ~pepper~  - Braided
Tattoo:  (.Salt (and) Pepper.)  - Feline Fatale   ((new!!))