Friday, September 30, 2011

NEW release @ [Glue ink]

Skin:  Al vulo  - Jenny* pink fairy
Hair:  Lelutka  - Jolie
Dress:  [Glue ink]  - Glitter glam dress   ((new!!))
Tattoo:  (.Salt (and) Pepper.)  - Bad romance   ((new!!))
Shoes:  Mstyle  - Rivea pumps /dodger
Gloves:  [Glue ink]  - Ree gloves /blue
Lips makeup:  -damned-  - KMTD Lipstick 2 pack 1
Necklace:  blitzed
Nails:  N-core  - manicure
Ring:  Ha!  - Heidi

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NEW SHAPE @ (.Salt (and) Pepper.)


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Hii babes!! Al vulo recently released a new group gift!! it's so awesome!! The makeup is gorgeous :Q_  i think the makeup was very nice with the gothic dress. Not well appreciated hair, clothing and accessories, because i wanted to give center stage to the skin and makeup. Great job!! arms up for HLIN \o/

Skin:  Al vulo  - Easy* merry widow   ((new group gift!!)) aww!!
Hair:  magika  - andarial
Dress: !RT  - Love Prison Dress /Black
Feets:  SLink  - Jolie Pied Exotix
Tattoo:  (.Salt (and) Pepper.)  - Bad romace   ((new!!))
Ring:  Ha!  - Heidi
Bloody tears:  Porcupin love
Nails:  N-core  - Manicure

Thursday, September 29, 2011

my brother and me

Skin: Kento  - Ryan
Shape:  (.Salt (and) Pepper.)  - Brian
Hair:  *drot*  - Vincent
T-shirt:  Atomic  - Men's simple V
Jeans:  Atomic  - Ripped Skinny Jeas
Boots:  *coco*  - Engineer Boots
Scarf:  [EY:NO]  - Scard cross
Bracelet:  Hermony  - Wristlocker
Beard:  -damned-  - Beard style 3

Skin:  Al vulo  - Jenny* natural 2 fairy
Hair:  [burley]  - Ana   ((new!!))
Shirt:  maitreya  - Boyfriend shirt
Jeans:  Addict  - Nora jeans
Shoes:  [PM]
Gloves:  [Glue ink]  - Ree gloves
Ring:  Ha!  - Heidi
Ears:  (pera)  - droopy ears
Earrings:  !Admiral Spicy!  - Piercing Add-on for Droopy Ears

 ♥ Graciasss morenooo te loviuuuu :Q_

NEW tattoo @ (.Salt (and) Pepper.)


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hair: taketomi
skin: belleza
tattoo: glue ink Infinitas- To No End
glasses: K_gs Gchesta ((new!))
baggys: yopulga Black Baggy Punk ((new!))
shoes: elygo 
shape: (.Salt (and) Pepper.) brian

NEW release @ [NV] Madworld

Skin:  *League*  - Sia
Hair:  Lelutka  - Pompai
Top:  [NV]  - My Casual Shirt Mustache /black
Cardigan:  [NV]  - Wool Cardigan   ((new!!))
Shorts:  [NV]  - Hipster jeans shorts
Tattoo:  (.Salt (and) Pepper.)  - Bad Romance   ((coming soon))
Flats:  - Basic flats
Scarf:  [EY:NO]  - Flower Scarf
Makeup:  [Glue ink]  - Epic

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NEW group gift @ (.Salt (and) Pepper.)


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

just me and my big pet...huggiessss :Q_

Skin:  Al vulo  - Miha 2* black Peach
Shape:  (.Salt (and) Pepper.)  - Anouk   ((new!!))
Hair:  [E]  - Changes
Sweater:  [NV]  - Nervo /brown
Shorts: [EY:NO]  - Hawt panties /brown
Socks:  *League*  - Gartered white
Boots:  MIEL  - dandy boots
Belt:  maitreya  - coin belt
Nails:  N-core  - manicure

NEW @ (.Salt (and) Pepper.)


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NEW stuff @ [EY:NO]

Skin:  .illusory.  - Chai Bubblegum Yum
Shape:  (.Salt (and) Pepper.)  - Baby   ((new!!))
Top:  -SU!-  - Anywhere tank
Skirt:  !Admiral Spicy!  - Stuffy Belt Skirt /black   ((new!!))
Flip flops:  maitreya  - Flip flops passion
Bandaids:  Reek
Necklace:  [EY:NO]  - Stiletto
Bow: elate!  - Silk bow
Glasses:  Reek
Bangles:  ::exodi::  - Aidan
Tattoo:  (.Salt (and) Pepper.)  - Call Me Baby   ((new!!))
Plugs:  [EY:NO]  - Earplugs FAIRY   ((new!!))

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NEW shape @ (.Salt (and) Pepper.)


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shorts: buid baggy pants 5.0
sneakers: jp
gloves: sinistyle
eyes: damned
tattoo: (.Salt (and) Pepper.) soundwaves - gsp
shape: (.Salt (and) Pepper.) brian


Skin:  [PF]  - Alyx   Available HERE
Hair:  Magika  - Andarial
Outfit:  GRAVES  - G179 CrossFire
Boots:  AVZ  - Wrapped Boots
Horns:  Schadenfreude  - Kinder
Rings:  [mandala]

NEWS @ (.Salt (and) Pepper.)

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

no te cabrees si llueve...las gotas no duelen :D

Skin:  .illusory.  - Chai - Bubblegum Yum
Hair:  .illusory.  - Ayumi
Sweater:  atomic  - Vital 
Jeans  atomic  - Ripped Skinny Jeans
Feets:  maitreya  - Bare feet flat
Scarf:  [EY:NO]  - Heart
Gloves:  [Glue ink]  - Ree gloves
Nails:  N-core  - Manicure
Makeup:  [Glue ink]  - Epic

news @ [Glue ink]

Skin:  Al vulo  - Pollon* natural 2 Fairy
Hair:  Lelutka  - Blythe
Dress:  [Glue ink]  - Inner Rage Dress   ((new!!))
Shoes:  [PM]
Gloves:  [Glue ink]  - Ree Gloves /leopard
Nails:  N-core  - Manicure

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Monday, September 26, 2011


hair: dura boy 25
skin: egoisme ryuji ((new!))
facial hair: sacred
jeans: [nv] hipster jeans ripped
belt: blitzed
boots: coco
shape: (.Salt (and) Pepper.) brian
tattoo: (.Salt (and) Pepper.) soundwaves - gsp
eyes: damned
wings: xplosion broken wings

[katsucide] @ "GSP" 6

Skin:  [katsucide]  - My sunkissed   Available @ "GSP"
Hair:  truth  - Agnes   ((new!!))
Top:  *Luck inc*  - Taktop black
Pants:  =BLAST=  - Baggy Jeans
Shoes:  UBU
Belt:  ~pepper~  - all-with-me belt
Watch:  =BLAST=  - flashy watch /light pink
Tattoo:  (.Salt (and) Pepper.)  - i love music
Nails: N-core  - manicure


Skin:  Al vulo  - Jenny* natural fairy
Shape:  (.Salt (and) Pepper.)  - Geena   ((new!!))
Hair:  *dura*  - boys&girls*24
Dress:  [PM]  - Sara Mesh Dress
Shoes:  N-core  - caprice
Necklace:  [mandala]
Nails:  N-core  - manicure

NEW tattoo @ (.Salt (and) Pepper.)

Skin:  Al vulo  - Jenny* natural 2 fairy
Shape:  (.Salt (and) Pepper.)  - Nelly   ((new!!))
Hair:  [E]  - Changes
Top:  T.Whore  - Lolita top
Skirt:  [ Cynful ]  - Flamenca Highwaste Skirt+Skirt /yellow   ((new!!))
Shoes:  Mstyle  - Rives Pumps Yellow flowers
Bangles:  ::exodi::  - Aidan
Tattoo:  (.Salt (and) Pepper.)  - Splash Color   ((new!!))


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news @ [ Cynful ]


Skin:  Al vulo  - Jenny*natural 2 Fairy
Hair:  AD  - bound
Top:  *Luck inc*  - Tankdress black
Skirt:  [ Cynful ]  -  Flamenca Highwaste Skirt+Skirt /black   ((new!!))
Tights:  *Blowpop*
Legs:  ASI
Gloves:  graves  - G331 Jinx
Scarf:  cobrahive  - Bandit Scarfmask
Tattoo:  (.Salt (and) Pepper.)  - Orbital

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

NEWS @ (.Salt (and) Pepper.)



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H.O.T.D GMT+1 unplugged

hair: drot
skin: egoisme  Ryuji skin ((new!))
shirt: [katsucide] fuck you - gsp
bag: {*I <3FashiOn*} street skaterbag - gsp
sneakers: hoorenbeek
gloves: sinistyle
tattoo: (.Salt (and) Pepper.) soundwaves - gsp
belt: poison spiked belt
jeans: poison original jeans
facial hair: sacred


Skin:  Al vulo  - Jenny* natural 2 fairy
Hair:  [E]  - Garden
Top:  imbue  - rede stripey
Jeans:  *Luck inc*  - Tyra Lowrise Jeans
Feets:  Maitreya  - Bare feet flat
Bangles:  ::exodi::  - Aidan
Nails:  N-core  - Manicure
Glasses:  Gritty Kitty

Petiita...perĂ³ perillosa :Q__

Skin:  !R  - Shelbie Med
Hair:  AD  - dive
Top:  -su!-  - basic top
Skirt:  F'N'H  -  "nice belt" skirt camo
Boots:  [gos]
Belt:  *BC322  - Corn Studs Belt & Bandolier
Tattoo:  (.Salt (and) Pepper.)  - Stage of putrefaction
Face makeups:  [Glue ink]  - panda
                                 Sorry.Asia  - Survivor 5
                                Sorry.Asia  - Dirty face
Nails:  N-core  - Manicure

i need a horse...:'( lol

Skin:  Al vulo  - Jenny* natural fairy   ((new!!))
Hair:  [E]  - Claim   ((new!!))
Long shirt:  AOHARU  - Open long shirt black
Jeans:  ~pepper~  - baggy jeans pink   ((lazy sunday))
Belt:  ~pepper~  - Jeans Belt   Available @ "GSP"
Makeup:  -damned-  - SunKiss (little daisy included)
Hooves:  -V-  - Shadow Faun   (not available)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

princesa por una noche :Q__

Hii sweeties!! [Pumpkin] has recently put up for sale this beautiful short dress (for mesh) available in many colors. Behind has a large bow hanging from the dress. It's so gorgeos i love! Enjoy \o/

Skin:  Al vulo  - Jenny* natural fairy   ((new!!))
Hair:  Damselfly  - Morrisania blacks
Dress:  [pumpkin]  - elara collection   ((new!!))
Shoes:  [PM]
Nails:  N-core  - Manicure
Bow:  elate!  - Silk bow
Necklace:  [mandala]

Taxi to... [Pumpkin]

new dress @ -BC-

Skin:  Glam Affair  - Monica
Hair:  ploom  - scarlet   ((new!!))
Dress:  -BC-  - diamond dress   ((new!!))
Shorts:  [Cynful]  - Modest Jeans Short
Socks:  *League*  - gartered
Shoes:  [PM]
Belt:  *Luck inc*  - wide leather belt
Tears:  -damned-  - mascara tears
Ring:  Ha!  - Heidi ring
Nails:  N-core  - manicure

new release @ -BC-

Skin:  Glam Affair
Hair:  Lelutka  - Blythe   ((new!!))
Top:  T.Whore  - Sweet Sweater
Pants:  -BC-  - High Waist Pants   ((new!!))
Feets:  N-core  - FEET
Flower ring:  [EY:NO]  - Sakura rings (color change)
Black ring:  Ha!  - Heidi
Head string:  [EY:NO]  - Sakura head string
Nails: N-core  - manicure

Taxi to... -BC-


hair: drot
skin: egoisme syu ((new!))
shirt: sourires london ((new!))
baggys: x-ray UniSeX SaGGy PaNtS - GSP
sneakers: def! manifesto
glasses: K_gs hooker ((new!))
bracelets: blitzed
watch: hoorenbeek
tattoo: (.Salt (and) Pepper.) black oriental dragon ((new!))
shape: (.Salt (and) Pepper.) brian
facial hair: sacred
facial hair2: sacred

new hair @ .:villena:.

Skin:  :F:  - Paola Beachtan 01   ((new!!))
Hair:  .:villena:.  - Chloe   ((new!!))
Dress:  -su!-  - Lalala Dress *Funky Leopard*   Available @ "GSP"
Tattoo:  (.Salt (and) Pepper.)  - Geisha Dark   ((new!!))
Feets:  SLink  - Jolie Pied Barefeet Tiptoes
Ring:  Ha!  - Heidi ring
Nails:  N-core  - manicure

Taxi to... .:villena:.

news @ [NV]

Skin:  Al vulo  - Jenny* Natural Fairy   ((new!!))
Hair:  Maitreya  - Sasha
Sweater:  [NV]  - Nervo Sweater /cyan   ((new!!))
Shorts:  [Cynful]  - Modest jeans short
Socks:  *League*  - Gartered
Boots:  Berries inc  - Linda Boots   ((not available))
Belt:  nyte'n'day  - Ginger belt
Tongue:  (red) mint  - (TONGUE) Wound-Staples   ((new!!))

Taxi to... [NV] Madworld

new release @ :filthy:

Heyaa babes!! :FILTHY: recently release this awesome skin, called Paola, her face is so gorgeous i lovee =D as always you have to choose 5 tones and 8 different make-up with 2 options: freckles or no freckles. Ejoy!! \o/

Skin:  :F:  - Paola BeachTan 04   ((new!!))
Hair:  Lelutka  - Blythe   ((new!!))
Top:  *muka*  - Fuckoff   Available @ "GSP"
Shorts:  [Cynful]  - ever's
Tights:  /erratic/
Legs:  ASI
Gloves:  [Glue ink]  - Ree Gloves
Belt:  Blitzed
Tears:  -damned-  - Mascara & Blood Tears Makeup
Tattoo:  (.Salt (and) Pepper.)  - Soundwaves   Available @ "GSP"

*Paola Skin*

 *Paola All Tones*

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Friday, September 23, 2011

news @ (.Salt (and) Pepper.) and my item for {GSP 6}



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(.Salt (and) Pepper.) @ {GSP 6}

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