DAZED. is baaaaaaaack!!! With three new mesh accessories for you!!

First of all happy new year to all!!
And what better way to return, than reopening DAZED. store after eight months of absence omggggg!!!! I come with great desire and with enthusiasm! The store is in another location (new landmark below the post)
Here you have the three new mesh accessories: are 100% and there are 5 colors to choose, for sale separately (black, white, blood, storm and dirty) in each color includes a HUD for change metals (gold, silver, obsidian and bronze).

In Store you will also find all the previous articles: septums, glasses, necklaces, makeup, etc. If you are looking for an item that does not find the store, do not hesitate to send me a note with the name and I will sell it directly from my inventory (after so long I do not remember all the articles, and some still rest in my inventory lol). Well, I hope you enjoy this new stage as much as I will!! Much love for everyone!!!