[ -UtopiaH- @ PW Silicone and OMG! Events ]

Heya sweeties!! New round of Perfect Wardrobe with "Rainbows" theme, just started!! And as always -UtopiaH- not miss it!! These are the new exclusive items for the round: Kitty Headbands (limited edition).You have 2 different styles to choose: black ears or/and white ears (resized script) and are 100% mesh. Only sale in Perfect Wardrobe for 2 weeks. Hope u like them and happy round!!


And Finally, third round of "Silicone" just start!! These are the new items for this round from -UtopiaH- : "Toxic Nipples Nipples Piercing" and "Spider Web Nipples Piercing" are 100% mesh and you have 3 different colors to choose in each pack: black bar, gold bar and silver bar. Each color has 8 different colors for the cross (click and choose). Hope you like!!


And finally be happy to present a new event gacha :) "Oh My Gacha!" I am very excited about my participation in this event hehe! These are the new exclusive items that you will find on the gacha machines \o/ all articles are 100% mesh. Hope u like them and happy event!!