LOTD #226


On Baby:

Head: *TD* - Baby Mesh Head Alice
Body: *TD* - Baby Fitted
Skin: [okkbye] - Emmaline Tone 005  (not for sale atm)
Hair: tram - G0616

Jump: {Little Miss} - Ruffle Jumpsuit Denim Washed
Shoes: {Little Miss} - Baby Keds White

Headphones: Dazed. - Yunikon Headphones Fatpack  [SOON]
Hair Clips: Dazed. - Kasumi Hair Clips

Pose & Props: LeMomo - Lollipop Pose Set

On Me:

Head: GENUS - Baby Face
Body: Maitreya - Mesh Body Lara
Skin: more more. - Hina Skin Gacha Milk RARE 1
Hair: Beusy: - Numb Hairstyle
Bangs: Beusy: - Part of Parsley Hairstyle

Top: {HIME*DREAM} - Yami Neko Top Pink
Shorts: parfait. - Juniper Shorts
Bear on Legs: {Momoko} - Magic Wish Bear Holo With Bow

Ears: Dazed. - Akio Mesh Ears ULTRARARE  [@ The Crystal Heart Academy]
Nose Earring: Dazed. - Jun Nose Earring
Bracelets: Dazed. - Kimiko Bracelets
Hair Bows: {HIME*DREAM} - Bunny Baby Accessories

Face & Body Blush: Dazed. - Momoko Face & Body Blushes Set  [SOON]
Lips: Dazed. - Nanami Lipstick Set  [SOON]


Windows: +Half-Deer+ - Faux Window Sunny Day
Curtains: {moss&mink} - Ruffle Curtains
Crib: +Half-Deer+ - Unicorn Dreams Crib Pink
Wall frames: .tree - Spring Time Frame
Planters on Wall: +Half-Deer+ - Life is Sweet Gacha Ice Cream Planters
Nightastands: +Half-Deer+ - Amelia Nightstand White
Table Lamps: +Half-Deer+ - Bunny Table Lamp Pink
Books on Nightstand: .tree - Spring Time Books
Unicorn on Nightstand: +Half-Deer+ - Porcelain Unicorn Figurine
Plant on Nightstand: dust bunny - Unicorn Planter
Clock on Nightstand: .tree - Spring Time Cat Alarm Clock
Rugs: {moss&mink} - Ruffle Heart Rug
Boxes on Rug: Lagom - Pink-crafts Gacha Decoboxes 07
Glue on Rug: Lagom - Pink-crafts Gacha Glue 11
Notebook on Rug: .tree - Cupcake Notes
Pencil Cup on Rug: .tree - Kitty Pencil Cup
Books on Rug: {moss&mink} - Book & Birds Stack Pastel
Unicorn: +Half-Deer+ - Super Jumbo Unicorn Plush
Tennis Ball: +Half-Deer+ - Dog Clutter Pink Set / Toy Tennis Ball
Rubber Ball: +Half-Deer+ - Dog Clutter Pink Set / Toy Rubber Ball
Puppy: +Half-Deer+ - Beagle Puppy Gacha Lazy Day