Monday, January 29, 2018


Hi girls! next February 2nd, the Fetish Fair starts and DAZED. is part of designers team, here my new and exclusives items for the fair: "Raksha Body Tattoo" works with maitreya and omega, includes hud with three opacities and two versions: white tattoo and black tattoo. "Indra Body Tattoo" works with maitreya and omega too and includes hud with three opacities. 
In accessories "Locked Choker" includes hud with eight options of collar (candy, mint, thistle, snow, raven, red, scarlet and royal), eight options of lace (the same colors that are included in the collar) and three options of metal parts (onyx, silver and gold). And finally "Craze necklace" with six metals to choose (sold separately): onyx, silver, gold, bronze and rose gold. Hope you like and happy fair :)

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