Monday, July 3, 2017

LOTD #57

On Baby:

Shape: Her Own  Not for sale >:(
Skin: .tsg. - Koko X Tone
Head: *TD* - Baby Mesh Head Bento Alice
Body: ToddleeDoo - Baby v.3.2
Hands: ToddleeDoo - Bento Hands Poses (v.3.1)
Hair: *barberyumyum* - 79 Anime

Dress: Muriel. - Beatrice Outfit Bubblegum
Headband: Magika - A Perfect Mess

Freckes: DAZED. - Freckles & Moles Set  [@ Appliqué]
Ears: [mandala] - Simple Ears Hutuu

On Peti:

Shape: My Own  Not for sale >:(
Head: CATWA - Head Lona
Body: Maitreya - Mesh Body Lara

Hands: Maitreya - Bento Hands V.4.0  (Mesh Body Lara Updated)
Feet: Maitreya - Mesh Body Lara Feet
Hair: Exile - Perfect Places  [@ Summerfest 2017]

Top: Addams - Matilda Mesh Top Pink
Skirt: EVANI - Deanna skirt Blue  [@ K9]
Panties: EVANI - Deanna panties Rose  [@ K9]
Shoes: #EMPIRE - Coreopsis

Collar: DAZED. - Dystopia Collar Pastels Set
Rings: **RE** - Deah Rings
Glasses: .tsg. - Shy Megane Gold
Ears: [mandala] - Simple Ears Hutuu

Lips: DAZED. - Irashi Lips Set  [@ Appliqué]
Freckles: DAZED. - Freckles & Moles Set  [@ Appliqué]
Eyebrows: [okkbye] - Adumbrate Eyebrows
Lashes: [okkbye] - Lithe Eyelashes


Rug: +Half-Deer+ - Messy Rug
Luggage: +Half-Deer+ - First Class Kitty Luggage Ice Cream
Open Suitcase: +Half-Deer+ - First Class Kitty Open Suitcase Ice Cream
Garlands: {moss&mink} - Magical Garland  [@ Crystal Heart Festival]
Bookcase: {moss&mink} - Magical Bookcase  [@ Crystal Heart Festival]
Bears on Bookcase: +Half-Deer+ - Dreary Bears Love
Cactus on Bookcase: +Half-Deer+ - Ombre Cactus Set
Iron 1 on Bookcase: +Half-Deer+ - Cutie Flat Iron Pink Gold
Iron 2 on Bookcase: +Half-Deer+ - Cutie Curling Iron Pink Gold
Tissues on Bookcase: +Half-Deer+ - Cuddly Tissue Box Heart
Bunny on Bookcase: +Half-Deer+ - Bunny Helps With the Decor
Cats: +Half-Deer+ - Kitty Galore Poses Set
Cat Toys 1: +Half-Deer+ - Cat Clutter Scratching Post Neutral
Cat Toys 2: +Half-Deer+ - Cat Clutter Toys Toys Toys Neutral
Tent: {moss&mink} - Teepee Hideout  [@ Toddleedoo Fair]
Open Suitcase: +Half-Deer+ - First Class Kitty Open Suitcase Ice Cream

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