Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Hey everyone, a lot of events have recently started and DAZED. not miss it! We start with The Body Modification Expo, these are new and exclusives items for fair: "Beleth Septum" and "Belial Septum" are mesh and resizable, in both you have five different metals to choose (sold separately): Onyx, gold, silver, rose gold and bronze. Hope you like and happy shopping!


We continue with Cosmetic Fair, for this round the theme is Gachalicious!! This is our gacha machine for you: "Lyric Makeup" you have 11 common versions with freckles, moles, blushes and eyebrows. And 2 rare versions with lipstick sets. In rare versions includes tattoo layers for default avatars, and works with nyam nyam, loud mouth and sweet lips. Hope you like and good luck!!


And finally The Secret Affair exclusives: "Lennon Spike Cuffs" are mesh and resizable, you have five different colors of cuff to choose (sold separately): Raven, coffee, royal, scarlet and storm. In each color includes HUD for change the spikes (6 metals): Obsidian, silver, platinium, gold, rose gold and bronze and two different versions of cuff: Plain and Print. Hope you like and happy events!!



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