Saturday, January 10, 2015


Hey loves! "OMG Winter" just started! And DAZED. not miss it!! These are the new & exclusive items for this event: "Sparrow Long Socks" you have eight common versions, eight plain long socks: Raven, storm, aqua, royal, lucious, lava, dirty and forest. Two rare versions (are two packs of 3 different socks), sparrow faded long socks: Pack #1: Storm, royal and aqua and Pack #2: Qween, nature and dirty. And finally one ULTRA RARE version: The fat pack of sparrow leg bows, includes all colors with HUD for change the skull decoration. In each pack of commons and rares includes: Socks layer for default avatar, cute/phat azz appliers, ThemeshProject installer, Slink socks applier and Maitreya mesh body appliers. Hope you like and happy event!


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