Sunday, March 30, 2014


Heya lovelies!! UtopiaH Recently released a lot of new accessories for you! Ready? First: "My Leather Crown" are 100% mesh and you have 2 sets, pastels and darks and in each pack there are five colors to choose (sold separately). in each crown you can change the texture of the beads: gold, silver and obsidian (just click and change!). And finally "My peaked Tiara" are 100% mesh and you have to choose four packs of two tiaras in each pack: raven&thistle, silver&candy, gold&ciel or kiwi&ivory. Hope u like them and enjoy!!


And here you have the new and exclusive items you will find in "Rock Attitude Fashion Fair": Two sets of socks "My Attitude rocker stocking set" and "Rock My Socks Stocking set" in each pack includes: socks layer, phat/cute azz & slink appliers and six colors to choose. And finally "My Ringed Leather Eyepatch" are 100% mesh and u have eight colors to choose!! Hope u like and happy Fair!!


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