Friday, October 4, 2013

[ -UtopiaH- @ Candy Fair and MBAB ]

Heya sweeties!! Candy Fair recently started \o/ and  -UtopiaH- not miss it!! These are the new and exclusive items for this event so sweet: Melted Horns, are 100% mesh and you have 6 colors to choose. And Sweet Sheep Horns with fur texture, are 100% mesh and you have 10 different colors. Visit the fair and choose the colors that you like :Q_____ Happy fair!!

And finally New round of ~ {Mes Brics a Bracs} ~ with "Fall and Halloween" themes, just started!! I am very excited about my participation in this event hehe! These are the new exclusive item that you will find on the gacha machine \o/ all are 100% mesh. Hope u like them and happy round!!


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