Friday, August 23, 2013

[ I thought I could handle the pain from being apart from you but i can't... ]

Hair: [taketomi] - Ana
Bangs: [burley] - Nelly Hair
Top: *TwInS FaShIoN - Eo Top Black  "TBS edition"
Panties: ::wanderLUST:: - Tugged panties Noir
Socks: *league* - Gartered Socks
Legs: !ASI - Setinel Digi Boots
Nails Bands and Horns: -UtopiaH- - Infected Hand Handset
Cuffs: Cobrahive - Wrist Bands Shima
Straps: Cobrahive - Arm Straps
Shoulders: <TheAbyss> - Part of Cropped Bomber Jacket
Tits Tattoo: -UtopiaH- - Dark Corvus Tattoo  "TBS edition"
Nipples Piercing: -UtopiaH- - Triple Spike Nipples Piercing Black Bar  "TBS edition"
Makeup 1: {D.A} - Matte Ruby
Makeup 2: -UtopiaH- - Stay Beautiful Metallic Eyeliner  "PW edition"
Nose Earring: -UtopiaH- - Fallen Swirl
Horns: -UtopiaH- - Fantasy Horns Gothic Pack [SHAPE 2]
Goggles: K_gs - Razaera


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