Monday, May 28, 2012

[H]appy [f]irst Anniversary -UtopiaH-]

Today is a special day for me, -UtopiaH- is one year old!!! First named (.Salt (and) Pepper.), S (and) P for lazy like me lol and now and forever -UtopiaH- The first creations were very simple tattoos and female shapes, we have grown slowly, doing new things for all...All started with a small shop on Xstreet (Though I have to say that two years algo I put a store in the mall with a friend, but not motivated me). I am currently very happy with the store and my work, I love what I do and try to do as best as possible and do you like to you. My way of thanking all the suport, is leaving the store two gifts for you. Hope you like it, thank you very much and enjoy!! And sorry for my bad english D:

-> Taxi to... -UtopiaH-


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