Saturday, April 14, 2012

[The] [P]ain [is in] [M]y [K]nuckles

Hello to all!! Soon begin a new round of  "GSP" this round will find two new special items for the event from S (and) P: Spiked Nails & Knuckles Set (you can see in the pic below), and then a UNISEX piercing, which I show in my next post. At this time, GSP is not yet open, will be in the next few hours, keep you informed. Huggies!!
P.D Spiked Nails & Knuckles Set for male, will be available soon at an event for men only.

Skin:  *League*  - Jen   -New!!-
Hair:  [BURLEY]  - zia
Top:  -Su!-  - Thango Dress
Skirt:  ::LC::  - Denim n Spandex skirt
Shoes:  X-Dream  - Dsg Sporty Boots   -New!!-
Belt:  ~Pepper~  - Music Belt  "Stuff in Stock Edition"
Bangles:  [mandala]  - Sinra 2
Spiked Nails + Knuckles:  S (and) P  - Spiked Nails & Knuckles Set "GSP Edition"   -Taxi Here!!-
Tattoo + Tears:  S (and) P  - Death Princess "Fi*friday Edition"   -Taxi Here!!-
Piercing:  S (and) P  - Confidence Piercing "Fi*friday Edition"   -Taxi Here!!-

*NEW for "GSP"


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