Tuesday, April 3, 2012

NEWS @ S (and) P

Ellu babes!! Here you have my new releases, I like to buils in sl, so I tried it with tiny prims lol, rings, nails, etc... I felt also to put a new skin, called Yvette, I wanted to do it only for me personally, but I want to share with you :) available in four tones, with or without hairbase and claveage, and 7 makeups apart. She is awesome :Q_ and could not miss a shape \o/ haha ideal for the new skin and also for the skin you want. Hope you like it!!

-> Taxi to... S (and) P

And finally, this small pack of 3 lip glosses, is available only in Siria's Fashion Room Event at a reduced price. Hope you like it and enjoy!!

-> Taxi to... Siria's Fashion Room


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