Saturday, April 14, 2012

[I]n [M]y [E]yes O.O

Ellu everyone!! Now if...GSP is open to all, and here you have my sencond item for this round: UNISEX piercing, available with shadows or not. Hope you like it and enjoy!! Huggies \o/

 ♥ Skin:  !R  - Kara
 ♥ Hair:  Maitreya  - Jordyn
 ♥ T-Shirt:  -SU!-  - Random Shirt   -New!!-
 ♥ Pants:  not so bad.  - MUNGO jeans   -New!!-
 ♥ Shoes:  [hoorenbeek]  - Vaider
 ♥ Belt:  *blitzed*  - Legacy Belt
 ♥ Bangles:  *blitzed*  - Legacy cuffs
 ♥ Collar:  *blitzed*  - Legacy choker
 ♥ Makeup:  S (and) P  - Silenced Makeup
♥ Hips Horns:  <-Puncture->  - Dermal Spike Implants   -New!!-
 ♥ Nails & Knuckles:  S (and) P  - Spiked Nails & Knuckles Set "GSP Edition"   -Taxi Here!!-
 ♥ Piercing:  S (and) P  - In My Eyes Piercing "GSP Edition"   -Taxi Here!!-

"GSP Edition"

-> Taxi to... "GSP"


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