Monday, April 16, 2012


Hey guys! Promised is debt :P and here you have the items for Narcissu's Room Event, ONLY FOR MALE!! First item: Set of nails including knuckles with 3 sizes of nails, and then a piercing (this item can also be for girls). All items are priced up to 90 L $, take advantage of this opportunity! Enjoy!!

PD: This event starts tomorrow !!!!!!!!

♥ Skin:  The Body Co.  - Orchid  
♥ Hair:  [BURLEY]  - GaEun   -New!!-
♥ Jacket:  {mon tissu}  - Rockaby Blazer
♥ Top:  -SU!-  - The Tank White  
♥ Pants:  [Pumpkin]  - Classic Jeans Pink Mesh*   -New!!-
♥ Shoes:  UBU  - Lo-tops
♥ Gloves:  [Glue ink]  - Ree Gloves
♥ Necklace:  - .HoD. -  - The Crosary
♥ Earrings:  [mandala]  - Leather Feather Earrings   -New!!-  
♥ Piercings: 1. <-Puncture->  - Angelbites/Monroes   -New!!-
              ♥ 2. <-Puncture->  - Anti-Eyebrow   -New!!-
              ♥ 3. <-Puncture->  - Cyberbites/Medusa/Labret   -New!!-
              ♥ 4. <-Puncture->  - Eye Piercing   -New!!-
♥ Nails:  S (and) P  - Spiked French Nails "Whore Certified Edition"

Hair: Atro Patena Rex
Skin: Kento Trent
Blazer: Kal Rau Casual Blazer 2
Pants: [Pumpkin]  - Classic Jeans Mesh*   -New!!-
Shoes: Hoorenbeek
Tattoo: S (and) P Japan Line
Shape: S (and) P Shape Traven
Piercing: S (and) P Anonymous Piercing -Taxi Here-
Knuckles & Nails: S (and) P Spiked Nails & Knuckles -Taxi here-

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