mushroom hunting is ready !!

- Hello to all fans of hunting, mushroom hunting is ready! In this, we participate (. Salt (and) Pepper.) among many other stores that you all know. Here i leave the URL of the participating stores along with the track that will facilitate the search. The party started ... and without pushing lol

- Hola a todos los fanaticos de las cacerias, la caceria de los champiñones está lista! En ésta, participamos (.Salt (and) Pepper.) entre muchas otras tiendas que todos conoceis. Aqui os dejo las URL de las tiendas participantes junto con la pista que os facilitará la busqueda!! Que empiece la fiesta...y sin empujones lol

Hint: I love birds

Taxi to #2 *JD*DESIGN Jewelry
Hint:  outside near a tree
Hint: Near the stairs..

Hint: Please see above.

Hint: one of the doors...

Taxi to #6 *Tea Time*
Hint: Remember to water the plants!

 Hint: Near the roots got a lot of water to grow mushrooms

 Hint: You need find Sookie

Hint:  I can see if you look for me in the nature

Taxi to #10 Holli Pocket
Hint: Mushies are always caught up in those greens!

Hint: The corner of my house is dark

Hint: Many secrets are hidden in the attric

Hint:  You can see mushroom next the Pumpkin near the out side door ^^

Taxi to #14.::Divine::.
Hint:  I am in the first floor

Hint: Are you Chic or chick?

Hint: i'm free

Taxi to #17 (.Salt (and) Pepper.)
Hint: Ask the bird in the window!

Hint: Only a woman can be a queen?

Taxi to #19 KIM
Hint: Playing...

Taxi to #20 fallin'dolls
Hint: Is the opposite place wher you can found.. a mushroom XD

Taxi to #21 DAMNED
Hint: You wish you found me easly ikr ^^

Hint: Sit relax under the tree!

Hint: under one of the stairs

Taxi to #24 [Acide!]
Hint:  I'm a star

Hint: OR Sit on me

Taxi to #26 Sticky Fingers
Hint: This will keep you feeling cool..

Hint: Be quick before the squirrels eat me!

Taxi to #28  SWEET LEONARD
Hint: I do not think the mushrooms grow on :P

Hint: I'm looking a lot of hands from here ...

Hint: ??

Taxi to #31  Shantal.
Hint: Lonely sunflower get a company

Taxi to #32 [ bubble ]
Hint: Oh Pumpkin Season!

Taxi to #33 Blah.
Hint: Feeling Lucky?

Hint: ??

Taxi to #35  UNA
Hint: Look there are mushrooms around the tree !!

Taxi to #36 [ANATOMY]
Hint:  I can grow in the garden...

Taxi to #37 ::MAria Design::
Hint: A comfortable place to relax

Taxi to #38 [EY:NO]
Hint: Outside

Happy Hunting