cute teddy bear is here :$

Hi babes, in this post i want to present the lazy sunday of this week from [EY:NO] tomorrow will be available to all :D a bear super nice i love, it's so gorgeous :P scarf and bow, changes color when it is's awesome \o/ do not miss this opportunity tomorrow!!! there will be more surprises? Is that posible!! Ty very much Andreaa <3

♥ Skin:  Al vulo  - Sally* Peach Teeth Sunkissed
♥ Hair:  [E]  - Garden
♥ Top:  C.Smit  - XL tank top leopard   ((new!!))
♥ Skirt:  -LaViere-  - Ruffles mini skirt
♥ Shoes:  [PM]
♥ Scarf:  [EY:NO]  - Leo
♥ Headband:  [EY:NO]  - Leo
♥ Necklace:  [EY:NO]  - Diva Teddy Bear   ((NEXT Lazy Sunday))  Tyy Hunny
♥ Nails:  [EY:NO]  - French Long Nails & Leo-Bow Ring

Diva Teddy Bear Necklace