Hiii everyone!!! Happy Friday <3. Today filthy, for sale out these super cute dresses. the detail of the straps falling is super sexy. I love it. and finally, ~pepper~ this recently released super cool belt to match the garter. Great job !!!!!

Skin:  Al vulo  - Elena* Natural Peach
Shape:  .:[S]alt [and] [P]epper]:.  - Melanie   ((new!!))
Hair:  [E]  - Rush
Dress:  :F:  - Bella Dress   ((new!!))
Tights:  blowpop
Shoes:  [gos]
Tattoo:  [Glue ink]  - Pretty Princess   ((new!!))
Belt:  ~pepper~  - Cute Funny   ((new!!))
Garter:  ~pepper~  - Summer garter   ((new!!))
Rings:  [mandala]
Ears:  (pera)  - droopy ears
Necklace:  blitzed
Bow:  (elate!)
Teeth:  Sorry.Asia  - Taste it

*Bella Dresses All Colors*

Taxi to... :FILTHY:
Taxi to... ~pepper~