Monday, August 15, 2011

[C]ute [K]itten !!! [G]rrrr ^,..,^

Skin:  Al vulo  - Elena* natural sunkissed
Hair  /wasabi pills/  - Trish
Shirt:  Koketka  - Sleepy Kitty   ((new!!))
Skirt:  insanya  - Black tutu
Tights:  *blowpop*
Hovees: ASI
Tail:  How vexing!
Belt:  The abyss  - Combat belt
Rings with nails:  [mandala]
Bangles:  [mandala]
Necklace:  Blitzed
Makeup:  Sorry.Asia  - Wild Cat
Piercings:  ~pepper~  - Nose plugs   ((new!!))
Whiskers:  ::anara's::

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