Monday, July 4, 2011

{GSP} ROUD 2 !!!!!!!

if you had enough with the time ... you will have with 2! GSP opens the door a second time on July 2! Seize this opportunity or regret!! Here you can find some things and many more <333


 Skin: Al vulo   -Elena* red 2
Hair: [Kik]   - available @ Hair Fair '11
Pants:  [Glue ink]  -Young Rich Famous Check Baggy  available @ GSP round 2
Shoes: *League*
Gloves: SN@TCH
Tattoo:  -damned-  -MyFavLovSongs  available @ GSP round 2
Glasses: LEO-NT
Make-up:  - damned -  -Tribal make-up

taxi to... {GSP}

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