Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hair: **dura** boy 23
Hairbase: **dura** black
Skin: -belleza- Shawn
glasses: K_gs envoy
Tattoo: buid Safe Heart ((new!))
Pants: [nv] Crash Baggy black ((new!))
Sneakers: ubu
Shape: .:[S]alt [and] [P]epper]:. Nathan ((new!))

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Helluuu sweeties!!! New super cute dress @ Belote \o/ Lots of huggs !!!!! <3

Skin:  Al vulo  - Miha Pink Peach
Hair:  Action  - Leslie
Dress:  BeLoTe  - Prostidress   ((new!!))
Leggins:  -SU!-  - Basic leggins
Sandals:  Maitreya   ((new!!))
Gloves  [Glue ink]  - Ree Gloves /white
Belt:  Maitreya
Bangles: ::EXODI::
Rings:  Mstyle  - Long nails v2
Necklace:  Blitzed
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Skin:  :F:  - Alexandra ivory 04   ((new!!))
Hair:  *dura*  - Summer Group Gift
Dress:  [Cynful]  - Flamenca Dress /white   ((new!!))
Shoes:  Maitreya  ((new!!))
Belt:  Maitreya
Necklace:  Blitzed

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Skin: Al vulo  - Elena* red 2 Sunkissed
Hair:  /wasabi pills/  - Trish
Dress:  *Luck inc*  - Chacha Dress /black   ((new!!))
Hovees:  ASI
Belt:  The Abyss  - Combat belt
Bangles:  Blitzed
Necklace:  Blitzed
Nails with rings:  [mandala]
Taped:  Sinistyle
Makeup:  -damned-  - CatEyes makeup

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Heyaaa everyone!!! [NV] Madworld recently released these cute baggy pants!! Super cute!! Nice suspenders as well. other newness is ::[cool poison]:: releasing this beutifull Shirt!!

Skin:  Al vulo  - Elena* natural Sunkissed
Hair:  [KiK]  - Tilda
Bikini: *Luck inc*
Shirt:  ::[Cool Poison]::  - Dendi Shirt   ((new!!))
Pants:  [NV]  - CRASH Baggy   ((new!!))
Shoes:  UBU
Bangles:  Blitzed
Glasses:  Gritty Kitty


Taxi to... [NV] Madworld

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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hair: drot
Skin: *kento* Ryan
Jeans: [nv]
Boots: deco mud boots
Tattoo1: [glue ink] *~Never Forsake Me Tat '~* ((new!))
Tattoo2: .:*[S]alt [AND] [P]epper]*: edge tattoo gsp (last weekend)
shape: .:*[S]alt [AND] [P]epper]*: leonard ((new!))
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Heyaaa Sweeties!! at saturday starts the XYROOM (discount room) and Sorry.Asia will participate with this beautifull skin. Also recently released, eyes and lip gloss. Enjoy !! =)

Skin:  Sorry.Asia  - Burutia   Available @ XYROOM
Hair:  Lelutka
Shirt:  AOHARU
Shoes:  *League*
Belt:  Hermony
Taped:  Sinistyle
Bangles:  Blitzed
Necklace:  - .HoD. -
Eyes:  Sorry.Asia  - Whisper to me /black   ((new!!))
Lip Gloss:  Sorry.Asia  - Taste it AGAIN /natural   ((new!!))


Taxi to... Sorry.Asia
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Friday, July 29, 2011

Last weekend in... Gsp
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- Hey sweeties <3 at saturday 1am starts the fleamarket sale to Berries inc.! Where is it? Outside the mainstore you can find some stuff reduced to 50 L$. IMPORTANT!! Only for one week!! And today Berries Inc. participates at Fifty Lindens Fridays with tihs beautiful dress. Lots of Hugs!! \o/

Skin: Al vulo  - Pollon* Natural Fairy   ((new!!))
Hair:  TRUTH  - Summer
Dress:  Berries inc.  - Dahlia dress  "FLF"
Sandals:  SLink
Bangles:  ::EXODI::
Rings:  [EY:NO]  - Sakura rings (change color)
Glasses:  [EY:NO]  - Flamingo glasses
Make-up:  -damned-  - Sunkissed makeup (dandelion included)
Tattoo:  .:[S]alt [and] [P]epper]:.  -You+Me Tattoo   ((new!!))


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Skin:  Al vulo  - Miha*2 Natural 2 Peach
Hair:  Action  - Trudy
Top:  -SU!-  - Lolita Camo
Jeans:  { birdy. }  - high waist baggies /forest   ((new!!))
Shoes:  [PM]
Gloves:  paradisis  - Part of "Bad trip" outfit
Rings:  LaGyo
Tattoo:  .:[S]alt [and] [P]epper]:. You+Me Tattoo   ((new!!))


Taxi to... { birdy. }
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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Heyaaa my babes !!! :FILTHY: recently releases this skin, it's so gorgeous!! their makeup are fantastic, I love! His face makes me crazy! Grab one!!! 

Skin:  :F:  - Alexandra Tan 04   ((new!!))
Hair:  TRUTH  - Ramona
Top:  *Luck ink*  - Tank top brown
Pants:  RONSEM*  - Cargo 11 /brown   ((new!!))
Shoes:  [PM]
Tattoo:  [Glue ink]  - Tear Me Apart   ((new!!))
Necklace:  MIEL
Bangles: :EXODI:
Rings:  ~pepper~  - Granny Rings

Taxi to... _FILTHY_
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Skin:  Al vulo  - Pollon* natural2 Fairy   ((new!!))
Hair:  Action   ((new!!))
Tops:  { Birdy. }  - Sculpt t-floral   ((new!!))
Jeans:  ::YoPulga::  - Jeans with suspenders   ((new!!))
Tattoo:  [Glue ink]  - Tear me apart tattoo   ((new!!))
Gloves:  [Glue ink]  - Ree gloves
Feet:  SLink
Rings: mandala
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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Skin:  Al vulo  - Miha* natural cocoa   ((new!!))
Hair:  [KiK]  - Fine
Top:  T.Whore  - Lolita top /black
Pants:  =BLAST=  - skinny sarouel pant /dark gray   ((new!!))
Feets:  N-core
Tattoo:  [Glue ink]  - Suicide rocker tattoo
Gloves:  [Glue ink]  -Ree gloves
Nails:  [mandala]
Ears:  (pera)  - Droopy ears

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Bertu (Left)
Skin:  Kento  - Ryan
Shape:  .:[S]alt [and] [P]epper]:.  - Shape leonard   ((new!!))
Hair:  Taketomi
Shirt:  =BLAST=  - Plaid Shirt Blue   ((new!!))
Pants:  =BLAST=  - skinny sarouel pant /dark gray   ((new!!))
Shoes:  =BLAST=  - slip on blue n turquoise
Piercings:  [Acide!]  - Jan piercing
Pose:  VA

Petiita (right)
Skin:  Al vulo  - Pollon* Natural Red Fairy  ((new!!))
Hair:  [kik]  - Tilda
Shirt:  =BLAST=  - Plaid Shirt Red   ((new!!))
Pants:  =BLAST=  - Baggy blast jeans /black
Shoes:  Balkanik
Belt:  Blitzed
Taped:  Sinistyle
Necklace:  Blitzed
Rings:  [mandala]
Piercings:  - .HoD. -
Ears:  (pera)  - Droopy ears
Tattoo:  .:[S]alt [and] [P]epper]:.  - Fck Authority   ((new!!))


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Skin:  Al vulo  - Elena* bonus pack Sunkissed
Hair:  truth  - Jordan   ((new!!))
T-shirt:  BUID  - Loko t-shirt /green   ((new!!))
Pants:  [NV]  - UPS PANTS II
Shoes: *League*
Mask:  Cobrahive
Taped:  Sinistyle
Nails with rings:  [mandala]
Tattoo:  [Glue ink]  - Adahlia leg tattoo   Available @ "GSP"

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Hair: Taketomi
Skin: *kento* Ryan
Tattoo1: Buid Amy Winehouse ((new!)) .(D.E.P).
Tattoo2: .:*[S]alt [AND] [P]epper]*:. Hated bear Tattoo
Jeans: Poison Dark Brown Jeans
Boots: Gos
watch: K_Gs Army ((new!))
Shape: .:[S]alt [and] [P]epper]:. Leonard ((new!))
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Hi all, I bring many new things started! ( r )M, today launched this beautiful skin, you got 5 different makeup, manicure and parted lips also includes . I love it! Sorry.Asia, recently release this lip gloss with teeth, available in several colors! super cute! { birdy. }, launched this beautiful bikini available in several colors. And fainally, BUID recently releases this tattoo in honor of the singer Amy Winehouse. All beautiful! great job!

Skin: ( r )M  - PRIME tan skin   ((new!!))
Hair:  AD  - Dive
Bikini: { birdy. }  - Swim suit /black   ((new!!))
Shoes:  [PM]
Tattoo:  BUID  - Amy Winehouse tattoo   ((new!!))
Lipgloss:  SorryAsia  - Taste it (teeth)   ((new!!))

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hi everyone! I know I've been just 2 days without posting, but there's a reason I hope you like it, I opened my shop! MY MAINSTORE IS OPEN NOWWW! You have a group gift, and a shape of a girl 50%. I hope you like it a lot, and this without you would not have been possible,thxxxx and i love you <3

Hola a todos!! Sé que he estado 2 dias sin postear apenas, peró hay un motivo que espero que os guste, he abierto mi tienda!!! MI MAINSTORE IS OPEN NOWWW! Teneis un regalo de grupo, y un shape de chica al 50%.  Espero que os guste mucho, y esto sin vosotros no hubiera sido posible, gracias os quiero!!<3

 *Shape Kelly*

 *Shape Leonard*

*Shape Lauren* 50% OFFER at mainstore ONLY

VISIT NOW!!!!! \o/


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Skin:  Al vulo  - Miha* Natural Cocoa   ((new!!))
Hair:  *dura*  - EMO*05 /black   ((new!!))
Top:  *Luck inc*
Skirt:  X-Ray  - Really Tiny Skirt /white
Socks:  SOURIRES  - Zebra White/black   ((new!!))
Hovees:  ASI
Belt:   The Abyss
Tail:  (pera)  - Tied uni tail
Ears: (pera)  - Droopy ears
Tattoo:  SOURIRES  - Power circuit tattoo   ((new!!))
Bracelets:  Blitzed
Watch:  K_gs  - Army watch   ((new!!))
Necklace:  Blitzed
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Monday, July 25, 2011

Hiii people!! -damned- recentlu release this cute lipstick, available with more colors, yellow, brown, pink, red, blue...i loveee!!!
And ~pepper~ recently released this belt, you have it also in several models, do not miss it!! The accesories are so cuteee!!! \o/

Skin:  Al vulo  - miha* Natural bronze
Shape: .:[S]alt [and] [P]epper]:.  - Shape Ashley   ((new!!))
Hair: TRUTH  - Jordan   ((new!!))
Top: Gawk!
Shoes: UBU
Necklace:  Blitzed
Lipstick:  -damned-  - Alice lipstick   ((new!!))
Belt:  ~pepper~  - Summer Belt /black   ((new!!))
Tattoo:  .:[S]alt [and] [P]epper]:.  - CARPE DIEM tattoo (group gift)

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Shape Ashley
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Hiii all! Here I leave the group gift of the remainder of the month. CARPE DIEM Tattoo (unisex). I hope you like!! Many hugs!!!!!  *o*

Taxi to (in world)
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Skin:  Al vulo  - Miha black Peach
Hair:  TRUTH  - Jordan
Top:  [Cynful]  - Zone's Off Shoulder Top /Yellow  ((new!!))
Shorts: [Cynful]  - Modest Jeans Shorts /black
Sandals:  SLink
Necklace:  ~pepper~  - Silver Pussy Willow necklace   ((new!!))
Tattoo:  .:[S]alt and [P]epper]:.  - Black Bird Tattoo   ((new!!))

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Black Bird Tattoo
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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Heyaaaa my babess <3 Berries inc. recently releases this cute tops!!! are super cute, and a beautiful neckline!! do not stay without one :)) Great Job!!

Skin:  Al vulo  - Elena Natural Sunkissed
Hair:  [E]  - Garden
Top:  Berries inc.  - Racer Top /rose   ((new!!))
Jeans:  *Luck inc*
Sandals: SLink   ((new!!))
Belt:  MIEL  - cali cords
Taped:  SiniStyle
Makeup:  -damned-  - Tribal makeup
Tattoo:  BeLoTe  - Heart3   ((new!!))

Taxi to... Berries inc.

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Skin:  Al vulo  - Pollon* Black2 Fairy   ((new!!))
Hair:  [kik]  - Tilda (headband included)
Top:  *Luck inc*
Skirt:  X-Ray  - Really Tiny Skirt /black
Socks:  SOURIRES  - Leopard/zebra animal socks   ((new!!))
Hovees: (pera)
Taped:  Sinistyle
Piercings:  - .HoD. -
Eye Mask:  .:*[S] and [P]*:.  - Part of Love and Perfection tattoo
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