Thursday, June 30, 2011

With .:YoPulga:. creations and *dura*, we're going to Las Vegas!!! \o/.. .:YoPulga:. Creations, recently released these skull T-shirt, available in 3 colors, accessories are super cool!! And *dura* a beautiful hair with adorable hat! I love it!

Skin:  FILTHY  -Paige  /fair 06   ((new!!))
Hair:  **Dura**  -Boys&Girls 17  /black   ((new!!))
Shirt: .:YoPulga:.   -Broken Skeleto  /black   ((new!!))
Shoes:  N-core  -SENSE 2 "reptile"
Gloves:  Leti's  -Part of The Onyx Lady Outfit
Tattoo:  [Glue ink]  -StAy GoLd GaNgStAh TaTtOo
Necklace & earrings:  [ey:no]  -Pearl <3 Set
Make-up:  -damned-  -Tribal make-up 

 Broken Skeleto By .:YoPulga:. Creations  ((new!!))

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Shape Lady

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Skin:  Al vulo  -Miha Bronze   ((new!!))
Hair: truth
Outfits:  *X*plosion  -ExtremelyLady
Undies:  *Luck inc*
Shoes:  [PM]
Ring:  LaGyo
Tattoo:  [Glue ink]  -Suicide Rocker Tattoo   ((new!!))
Make-up:  - damned -  -Tribal Tattoo
Ears:  (p e r a)   ((new!!))
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! Admiral Spicy !, has recently released new stuff, very cool skirts in various colors and some tops, the detail is sexy and daring! I love everything <3

Skin:  Al vulo  -Miha Bronze   ((new!!))
Hair: truth
Bikini: *Luck inc*
Top:  ! Admiral Spicy !  -Oops top  /in love   ((new!!))
Skirt:  ! Admiral Spicy !  -Spicy skirt  /black   ((new!!))
Hovees: ASI
Belt: ~pepper~   -all-with-me belt
Bangles: :: Exodi ::
Make-up:  -damned-  -YouWish  /red2
Tattoo:  .[S] and [P].  -Emo Love Tattoo



TAXI TO... ! Admiral Spicy !
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- Al vulo in collaboration with Severed Garden, recently published this beautiful full avatar! O_O Including 3 skin tones, 2 shapes, all the accessories that are super cool, lashes, bikini ... and more! Take this great opportunity! I love it! great job!

Skin:  Al vulo  -Tania* /natural Summer Lobster Signs   TAXI HERE
Hair: !LAMB
Beach Set:  Severed Garden  -Al Vulo / Severed Garden - Tania Beach Full Avatar
Tongue: Cobrahive

taxi to... *{Severed Garden}*

- Ésta entrada es especial, hoy, dia 30 de junio Bertu Caiben, mi pareja en RL desde hace casi 5 años, acaba de cumplir 31 años!! Feliz cumpleaños y que cumplas muchos más a mi lado. Te quiero!! 

- This entry is special, today, June 30 Bertu Caiben my partner in RL for nearly 5 years, just turned 31 years! Happy birthday and many more to fulfill my side. I love you

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hi people! ~Pepper~ recently released a beautiful collection of rings of various shapes, colors and sizes. Sorry.Asia also has released a super cool necklace! and finally sourires, publishes a tattoo of the sweetest!!

Skin: Al vulo   -Miha Bronze   ((new!!))
Hair: [E]  -Garden
Short Jacket:  *X*plosion  -Part of ProudLady Ourfit
Shirt:  T.whore  -  Slouchy Tee Colors /Yellow
Shoes:  Mstyle  -RIVEA pumps /black   ((new!!))
Ring:  ~pepper~  -Ring collection /flower ring   ((new!!))
Necklace:  Sorry.Asia  -See My Light   ((new!!))
Tattoo:  sourires  -Cupcake tattoo   ((new!!))
Ears:  (pera)  ((new!!)) 

Happy shopping \o/

*P* <3 
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Hello my boys! I have not forgotten you! So I leave with a new shape, Chuck. I hope you like and do not forget that carries styling card inside. With all the accessories! Kisses to all...<333
OFFERT: 200 ls the first week

Shape Chuck

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taxi to... filthy
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Skin:  FILTHY  -Paige Skin /ivory 04.   ((new!!))
Hair: Lelutka
Top:  *muka*  -Polka tank /yellow&black   ((new!!))
Jeans: *LUCK INC*
Shoes: UBU
Belt:  ~pepper~  -Open Belt
Rings:  [ey:no]  -LadyBug rings   ((new!!))
Tongue:  [ey:no]  -LadyBog tongue   ((new!!))
Make-up:  -damned-  -Tribal make-up
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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Skin:  Al vulo  -Miha bronze   ((new!!))
Hair: Lelutka
Short jacket:  *X*plosion  -Part of proudLady Outfit
Leggins:  *muka*  -Leggy   ((new!!))
Hovees: VISAVI  ((not avaliable))
Horns: illusions
Make-up:  -damned-  -Tribal make-up
Dandelion:  -damned-  -Part of SunKissed make-up

Skins:  Al vulo  -Miha Bronze   ((new!!))
Hair: [E]
Outfits:  *muka*  -Admiral   ((new!!))
Shoes  N-core  -CHIC
Horns: illusions
Ears:  (p e r a)  ((new!!))
Make-up:  -damned-  -Tribal Make-up
Rings: LaGyo

taxi to... *muka*
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Skin:  Al vulo  -Miha Bronze   ((new!!))
Hair: [E]
Top:  *muka*  -Polka Tank /pink&white   ((new!!))
Jeans:  [ Jp ]:dsg.  -*in concert /denim    ((new!!))
Shoes: UBU
Gloves:  [glue ink]  -Ree Gloves /white
Tattoo: [glue ink]
Ears:  (p e r a)    ((new!!))
Horns: illusions
Make-up:  -damned-  -SunKissed make-up (with dandelion)

taxi to... *muka*

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Hair: [ JP ]:dsg Jordan / Black Pack ( CAPSET #04 ) ((new!))
Skin: -Belleza- Ashton ((new!))
Tattoo: Buid 53 Hell
Tattoo2: Buid 50
Shorts: >.:^^:..Xplosion..:^^:.< Baggy Pants (Camo Grey) ((new!))
Sneakers: Akatsuki
Gloves: Sinistyle 
Throat:  <-Puncture-> Coming Soon! (drop a notecard on Reeann Frost for questions & products that are not yet released)
Shape: [S] and [P] Damien ((new!)) ONLY 200LS
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Skin:  Al vulo  -Miha Bronze   ((new!!))
Hair: truth
Dress: atomic
Shirt: atomic
Feets:  N-Core  -FEETS
Pig Set:  K_gs  -Pigging Set   ((new!!))
Nails:  [EY:NO]  -French <3 (rings included)

Oing Oing!!... Happy Shopping!!
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Heya everyone :) recently released some cool makeup. I really like! And mstyle has released another version of Rivea shoes pumps. I love! So cuteee alll !!!!!!!!! <3

Skin:  Al vulo  -Miha Bronze  /black2   ((new!!))
Hair: Magika
Jacket:  .:Villena:.  -Leo Jacket  /black-yellow
Jeans:  [ey:no]  -WhiteDollar Jeans Ripped
Shoes:  Mstyle  -RIVEA pumps   ((new!!))
Lashes:  -Lashes -10-
Make-up:  -METALLIC mke-up  /sakura   ((new!!))
Tattoo:  [Glue ink]  -Punked sleave tattoo

 taxi to...

taxi to... Mstyle
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Al vulo has launched today Miha Bronze, her face is beautiful… I I love this skin <3.

taxi to... Al vulo !!

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Monday, June 27, 2011

Hair: Drot
Skin: -Sorry.Asia- London
Glasses: K_gs Alcion_typeA 1.00/Neck
Shirt: =Zenith= Color tank grey
Shorts: *-.-FuK'N'HawT-.-* Dat Ass Pants Camo Capri
Sneakers: Moloko Camo
Tattoo: Endless Pain Tattoos Rebel
Pose: Vista Animations
Shape: [S] and [P] Damien ((new!))
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Hair: **Dura** Boy 19
Shirt: ***AOHARU*** PleatWovenShirt
Vest: ***AOHARU*** WovenVest
Tattoo: [Glue Ink] *~ Suicide Rocker Tattoo~* ((new!))
Jeans: *-.-FuK'N'HawT-.-* Jeans Low Rise Hip Split Japan
Sneakers: Indi Designs
Beard: Sacred 
Skin: *Kento* Ryan ((new!))
Shape: [S] and [P] Damien ((new!))
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Skin:  FILTHY  -Paige  /ivory 01.   ((new!!))
Shirt: Zenith   -Color tank /beige
Shorts: [Cynful]
Flip flops:  maitreya   ((new!!))
Bangles: mandala
Nails: mandala
Make-up:  - damned -  -SunKiss Make-up (with dandelion)
Tattoo:  [Glue ink]  -Suicide Rocker Tattoo   ((new!!))

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Heyaa everyone !!! Today Filthy released Paige. Is beautiful, I love her face and her makeup is super cool! You have to have it...

taxi to... FILTHY !!
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Skin:  FILTHY  -Ana
Hair: [E]
T-shirt:  .:villena:.  -Plaid Shirt /blue
Shirt:  FuK'N'HawT  -Sheer Top Pornstar White   ((new!!))
Jeans:  Fuk'N'HawT  -Dat Ass Pants  /Blue Capri   ((new!!))
Shoes: *League*
Belt:  ~pepper~  -Open Belt
Necklace: (red) mint   -Studded Collar:   ((new!!))
Make-up:  - damned -  -Tribal make-up
Dandelion:  - damned -  -Part of SunKiss make-up
Nails: Mstyle
Lashes:  - damned -  -Perfect Lashes
Tattoo:  [glue ink]  -Suicide Rocker tattoo   ((new!!))
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Skin:  Al vulo  -Miha2 Peach   taxi here!!
Hair:  *DURA*  -Girl**21
Body Suit:  T.Whore  -Jumpsuid Vivid /rose   ((new!!))
Shoes:  Mstyle  -RIVEA pumps /magenta
Nails:  Mstyle  -Long Nails v2
Make-up:  - damned -  -Sunkissed Tone 3 (with dandelion)
Tattoo:  [glue ink]  -Suicide rocker tattoo   ((new!!))
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Sunday, June 26, 2011

OFFER! shape of guy to 200 ls. only if you buy the first week!

Shape Damien

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Lot of new things! Started by the new shapes that you can find in my shop .[S] and [P]. They are super cool <3 
K_gs recently launched the glasses can also be sun!! Coool!! At zenith will find a lot of new stuff for girl and boy, shirts, blouses, pants, skirts ... And finally super cool shoes in N-core! I Loveeee <3 AND ALL NEWWW ....

Bertu (right)

Skin:  *Kento*   -Ryan T5    ((new!!))
Shape:  . [S] and [P] .  -Shape Damien   ((new!!))
Hair: drot
Shirt:  Zenith  -Black Checker open Shirt   ((new!!))
Jeans:  Zenith   -Demin Pants with belt /LightBlue   ((new!!))
Sandals: :sey
Taped: Sinistyle
Glasses:  K_gs  -Yanan 1.00    ((new!!))
Tattoo:  . [S] and [P] .  -Graffiti Tattoo

Petiita (left) 

Skin:  -damned-  -Alice Med Skin /clear
Shape:  . [S] and [P] .  -Shape Iris   ((new!!))
Hair:  [Kik]  ((new!!))
Blouse:  Zenith  -Candy Top Bottom /beige
Shoes:  N-core  -Coquette   ((new!!))
Glasses:  K_gs  -Yanan 1.00   ((new!!))
Dandelion:  ! Admiral Spicy !   -Eating dandelion

taxi to... N-core
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New stuff on SOURIRES. Female prim tee, Available in various colors :)) Very Cooool !!

Skin:  Al vulo  -Miha2 Peach   TAXI HERE
Hair:  [kik]   ((new!!))
Tee:  SOURIRES  -Marianne Shirt  /white   ((new!!))
Pants:  DeeTaleZ
Flip flops:  Maitreya  ((new!!))
Tattoo:  . [S] and [P] .  -Emo Love Tattoo    ((new!!))
Bow:  (elate!)

taxi to... sourires
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shape iris

taxi to... . [S] and [P] .
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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Ryan New Skin @... *Kento*
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[NV] Madworld recently released these cute hoodies. You can choose 5 colors !! Though summer is here, the nights can be cold, especially at high hours LoL \o/

Skin:  Al vulo   -[ pollon snuggle group gift ]   ((new!!))
Hair: Magika
Hoodie:  [NV]  -COZY HOODIE   /rose   ((new!!))
Pants: amerie
Flip flops:  Maitreya  ((new!!))
Belt:  ~pepper~  - all-with-me belt
Tattoo:  . [S] and [P] .  -Emo Love Tattoo   ((new!!))
Doll:  Grixdale
taxi to... [NV] Madworld 
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TAXI TO... . [S] and [P] .
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